On The Passing Of Dan Leary

Dan Leary was a legend of old Millstreet but he’ll never more be seen in Millstreet Town
Or in the Town Park on a Summer’s evening With a pair of greyhounds walking up and down
He was a sterling corner back in his prime a stalwart of Millstreet Gaelic Football
Fearless and hard but fair he never shirked a challenge as those who played against him do recall.
For many years he was a Millstreet butcher the Learys of the West End were well known
And Dan the Millstreet schoolboys of the fifties did look up to we were so proud he was one of our own
In Cork County Championship Games in Coachford and in Macroom Dan Leary at his best was often seen
One of his Club’s greatest defensive players it was with pride he wore the Millstreet green.
It was with sadness I read of his passing in the flesh one that we never more will see
But for as long as I have the power to remember he surely will live in my memory
He was so down to earth and unassuming and to his friends he always remained true
‘Tis not because he’s dead I sing his praises in words I only give the man his due.
Dan Leary a legend of Duhallow Gaelic Football now with the dead of Millstreet Parish lay
‘Tis sad to think we never more will see him but good memories of him with us bound to stay
The best forwards in Cork Gaelic Football against him always found it hard to score
It was with pride he wore the green of Millstreet and may he rest in peace forever more.

by Francis Duggan

A note of interest is that Dan was in the 1930s the first child baptised in St Patricks Church following its opening after two years of restoration.

2 thoughts on “On The Passing Of Dan Leary”

  1. Here’s one that Francis Duggan wrote some time ago:

    Dan O’Leary:
    Dan Leary hard man of Millstreet Gaelic Football
    He was a fearless fellow on his day
    He took and gave some hard bone crunching tackles
    And from a challenge never backed away.

    Dan Leary was a hero of my childhood
    And a hero in the Millstreet green and gold
    And about his bravery on the Gaelic playing fields
    Some quite amazing stories have been told.

    I often saw Dan Leary play for Millstreet
    In summer when the roses were in bloom
    Against the better club teams in Cork County
    In venues such as Coachford and Macroom.

    When Millstreet were a force in Gaelic football
    On looking back that seems so long ago
    The heroes of my childhood years are ageing
    And father time has left them gray and slow.

    Dan Leary’s sprightly younger brother Willie
    A Gaelic footballer one never could forget
    Twice in a Munster final in Killarney
    Rasping shots from his boot bulged the Kerry net.

    Long years ago when I was a young fellow
    Four decades back and that’s a lengthy span
    Dan Leary played at corner back for Millstreet
    And in his prime he was a fearless man.

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