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  1. I am doing some research on my family. Daniel Dennehy is my greatgrandfather on my mother’s side. My mother’s mother was Daniel and Catherine’s daughter, Alice Rose Dennehy who married John Thomas Kotlowski. Through my research I have only just learnt that my greatgrandfather was the first goldminer in Charleston, NZ back in 1866. Any information you may have on him or his parents which I still have to research would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Dan Dennehy is my great great grandfather.Hes from Meenskehy,Ireland.I have some information about him and his descendents also a photo of him his wife and all his children

    1. That’s great news Paul. Would love to share your comments and photos. I also have a photo of him, his wife and the ten kids. Please contact me on <email>

      Look forward to hearing from you

  3. Dan went to the Australian goldfields. He married Catherine McKenna and then moved to New Zealand, Charleston on the West Coast of the South Island. They had 11 children. Dan had a brother Dennis who went to Glen Falls Up State New York along with other relatives. Thats all I know about USA relations. Dan’s parents are burried in Millstreet Drishane I think. They were Francis Dennehy and Julia Murphy. Our name was spelt Danahy but was changed in New Zealand. I have a photo but am having trouble uploading it to this website so I will email it to someone who has requested I load this information up and hopefully he will have success uploading it.

  4. Thank you Paul for that info. I too have a photo of Dan and Catherine with ten children, the youngest in that photo being Nellie, whose son, Dan Byrne lives in Nelson, New Zealand. The info I got off the internet was that my great-grandmother, Catherine sailed with her parents on the “Golden Empire” from Liverpool to Victoria, Australia in about 1864 and she married Dan in Australia in about 1866 when they then went to NZ and settled in Charleston. Keep in touch.

    1. Hi Trish, Where in the world are you? I’m Dan Byrne’s daughter who you mentioned in a post awhile ago. I have some limited information about our side of the family if you are interest and conversely would appreciate any you have. Might be useful to know that Nellie was Grandma’s nick name, her proper name is Ellen and if the photo you refer to (doubt they look many in those days) has the youngest sitting on the ground in the front – that’s Ellen (Nellie). Regards, Clare

      1. Hi Clare. I now live in the Cook Islands but I was born in Hamilton, NZ. My mother is Angela Kelly who passed away in Richmond, Nelson in 2007 and I have a sister, Judith Ryan who lives in Brightwater. You may know her. I have met your parents, Dan and Joy a couple of times when I visited mum. Yes, Ellen (Nellie) is the one sitting on the ground in the photo. I would be happy to share any information I have with you. You can contact me on <email> Regards, Trish

  5. Very interested to find this when browsing the internet. Daniel Dennehy was my grandfather. My father was his son Denis Franklyn Dennehy who was I believe an organiser for the Liberal party in New Zealand from ?1928 to??. I also have a copy of the picture of Daniel and his family. I also remember as a small child meeting Denis’ sisters Alice and Mary in their house in Wellington, and stayed with Nellie and her family in Nelson during a summer holiday. Also stayed with Dan and John, a veteran from the first World War, north Of Greymouth in Barrytown. Do let me know if you wanted further info.

  6. Lovely to hear from you Constance. My sister, Judith Ryan (nee Kelly) tells me that she remembers you when she was a nurse-aid at Waikato Hospital about 1954-55. She said you were an intern there. She said you had also come home to our place and visited my Mum, Angela (Alice’s daughter) in Hamilton. If you are able, would really appreciate if you could identify all the children in the photo Mum had said that Alice was back row third from left and Nellie in the front. I have a photo of Alice and John Thomas Kotlowski’s wedding and Mary and Nellie were bridesmaids and James and Denis (your father) best man and groomsman. Frank Dennehy gave Alice away. Would love to hear from you again. Cheers Trish.

    1. Hi Trish, with a five year lull you may not pick this up – here are the names (and estimated ages) for each of the Dennehy family in the photo, would be wonderful to see the photo you have of Alice and Johns wedding particularly to see a few of the children (especially Nellie for me) a number of years later. Photo of Daniel and Catherine and the family was taken c1896 and ages estimated from there. Catherine was approx 12 years younger than Daniel. L to R back Row – Mary (aged 15), John 23, Alice 21, Frank 28, Lucy 27 Jim 25, May 12. Middle Row – Dan 17, Catherine 57, Daniel Snr 66, Denis 19 and Ellen 9 years old in front and Patrick, died one day old, would have been 10. Regards Clare

      1. Thank you so much for providing those details Clare. By chance I was just checking this website and saw your message. I am happy to provide you with a photo of my grandparents wedding so would appreciate an email address from you so I can send. Cheers, Trish

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