Where Love Stories Began

Amazing how a simple thought can bring old memories back
Like the advertisment in the Cork Examiner by ballroom proprietor Dominic Mac
Which read ‘the Star in Millstreet where love stories begin’
The gray haired grandmother today a teenager back then.

On Thursday night at the Star Ballroom we danced our cares away
But the feet that moved so quickly then are not so quick today
And the showband days forever gone each decade something new
And that time doesn’t wait on any one so happen to be true.

The Star Ballroom in Millstreet Town where love stories began
But all things in life as we should know don’t always go to plan
And many love stories that began there were also quick to fade
And disappointment of the jilted one in heartbreak tears were paid.

I often return to the past as it’s not hard to visualize
And the young men and women of the Star Ballroom they dance before my eyes
I see them dancing cheek to cheek to music soft and low
And I am back there in the past back in the long ago.

The Star where love stories begin that advertisment i still see
A little piece of history from the past etched in my memory
But the showband days forever gone and all things don’t stay the same
And memories of what used to be are all that now remain.

by Francis Duggan

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