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I’m looking for information on my Great Great Grandfather Denis Kelleher. He married Johanna Creedon and had the following known children:

Mary (1851??) moved to San Francisco and married William Galvin.

Hannah (1858) married Michael Fitzpatrick in Millstreet. Their children were Hannah Mae (1889-1976), Helen (1890), Michael (1893), Denis John (1896), Mary (1898), Catherine Maria (1900) and John Joseph (1900). Most of the children went to California. Hannah went to California with Catherine (Kate) in 1927.

Denis (1859)

Timothy (1861) My Great Grandfather. Married Mary Manning in Millstreet and had 7 children. Hannah (1888), Denis (1890), Daniel (1891), John (Jack -1892), Hellen (Nell – 1895), Peter (1897) and Michael (1899). I believe they were all carpenters and had a carpentry shop in Millstreet.

Catherine (1865) Moved to San Francisco and married Walter Walsh.

John (????) married Hannah Fitzpatrick in Millstreet. Their children were Denis John (1889), Michael (1890), Johanna Mary (1891), Mary (1893), Catherine (1894), and John Stephen (1896).

There is a large spread in the dates of birth so I’m wondering if there are other children that I have not accounted for.

Sorry for the length of the post but I’ve hit a wall in my research and am desperate to find out some more information on my ancestors. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


John Kelleher (email: <email> )



1901 census (Hannah): Residents of a house 2.1 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork). (This house was the one to the left of the Bridge Bar, where PC Spare Parts shop is now located [GMaps]).

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Fitzpatrick Michael 38 Male Head of Family Catholic
Fitzpatrick Hannah 40 Female Wife Catholic
Fitzpatrick Hannah 12 Female Daughter Catholic
Fitzpatrick Michael 8 Male Son Catholic
Fitzpatrick Dennis 5 Male Son Catholic
Fitzpatrick Marey 3 Female Daughter Catholic
Fitzpatrick John Male Son Catholic
Fitzpatrick Catherine Female Daughter Catholic

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    1. John, the following information was passed onto me last night by phone:
      Referring to Hellen (Nell – 1895), Peter (1897) your grand aunt and uncle. They lived on the Drishane road where they had a house and carpentry shop about 100m on the town side of St. Mary’s Graveyard. The house is now gone, but it was on the site of what is now Ken Brennan’s house. Neither married. Peter was known as Peter Mannion (a local pronunciation of Manning … his mothers name). They both died in the late 40s / 50s.
      Their brother Denny moved to the Capwell area of Cork and married with a number of children (3+). They used to spend some of the summer holidays in Millstreet and are remembered by some. One of the children died young and was buried in Drishane.

  2. Michael, Thanks for the response. Daniel (Denny) was my grandfather he married Hannah Ring and moved to Capwell Road around 1928. He had five children. My father Timothy was the oldest and there were two sets of twins. Daniel, John (Sean) and Mary, Jeremiah (Jerry). My father came to New York and passed in 1983. My uncle Danny died in Florida in 2005. Uncle Sean lived on Capwell Road in Cork and passed in 1986. Aunt Mary is alive and well living on Capwell Road. Her twin Jerry was the child that died at about 4 years of age.

    I visited Cork around 1971 and stayed on Capwell Road. My grand aunt Nell was alive and living there also. She passed in 1986. My Aunt Mary could not remember when her Uncle Peter died. All she remembered was that he never married and “stayed home with his mother”.

    We also stayed a few days in Millstreet on a farm in Coolinarne owned by my grandmother’s family the Rings. I was about 8 at the time and remember my father showing me the house he was born in. All that was left was the rock foundation. It was also the first time I ever tried to milk a cow and almost got kicked in the head. We were planning on returning in 1983 when my father suddenly passed.

    I’m hoping to make a connection with a Kelleher or Ring relative that I can correspond with. After my father passed away we lost touch with any Kelleher or Ring relatives I may have had in Millstreet. With so many Kelleher’s in the Millstreet area I must be related to some (if not all) of them 🙂


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