New Car Officially Presented at Colemans Millstreet

Patrick and John Coleman officially handing over to yours truly the new Fiat Panda on 11th May pictured by Tríona Murray. Heartfelt and sincerest thanks to All for such a truly magnanimous and generous gesture....Seán Radley - And now, who's first for a spin?!

6 thoughts on “New Car Officially Presented at Colemans Millstreet”

  1. Congratulations, Seán; wishing you pleasant and safe motoring – and praying that the price of petrol comes down!

  2. Seån:
    It is wonderful to see that you are so honored by your community, of which I feel a small part. Ten years ago you showed me and my wife around Millstreet, the town from which my Great grand father (John Moynihan) emigrated so many years ago. It is a memory that I will never forget and I am sincerely grateful to you. I check Millsteet’s web site from time-to-time and I am proud to be somehow connected to my ancestry, at least in spirit.
    Thank you for your work and God bless,
    Michael H. Moynihan

  3. Michael – Thank you so very much for such a wonderful message. Yes, I very well remember meeting with your good selves and it was indeed an honour sharing time with both you and your wife in my attempt to guide you around Millstreet – the town which means so much to all of us. And, yes, what I now call the “community car”, is truly such a joy to drive. Hopefully, some day I shall have the opportunity to provide a spin for you in the car which was so generously presented by so many. Every good wish … Seán R.

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