Inspiring Tidy Towns Association Seeks More Volunteers

Dedicated Millstreet Tidy Towns Association Volunteers on an impressive painting project at Drishane Road on Thursday, 5th May 2011.

Many visitors to Millstreet remark on how well our town and its environs look.    Millstreet Tidy Towns Association must take much of the credit for these uplifting visitor comments when one considers the Trojan work consistently carried out by truly dedicated members.   But they need lots more Volunteers to continue such important work.   Every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m.  they assemble at the Square in the town to undertake a variety of Tidy Town projects.    We very much encourage people to join in such praiseworthy tasks which so benefits our area in such a hugely significant manner.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Tidy Towns Association Seeks More Volunteers”

  1. We wish we were closer to help, but we will see it the end of August…
    Great job!!!! Congratulations to you all

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