Sarah’s Cake Sale This Morning – A Wonderful Success!

Sarah Meaney serving scrumptiously delicious baking to Kathleen O'Connor at her hugely successful Cake Sale in the Square, Millstreet this morning. Also included are four of her very dedicated helpers/bakers. The uplifting event realised an amazing €755.00 in the two hours. All these funds will assist Sarah in her inspiring mission when she later travels to Romania in aid of the very worthy oragnisation "Comber" which works for a future without orphanages.

On LTV2 Millstreet on last Thursday night (repeated at 8pm on this Sunday), Sarah Meaney was interviewed by Mary Ankettell regarding her participation in the “Comber” Project in Romania.  The aim of the Project is to help build a better future for children and adults  with disabilities in Romania.   This morning, blessed with glorious sunny weather and assisted by Mary, her dedicated Friends and by her Mum, Kathleen, Sarah was absolutely thrilled with the enormous and generous response by so many at her very popular Cake Sale.   Here we attempt to capture some of the wonderful atmosphere of the occasion in a very busy Easter Weekend Millstreet.   Sincere congrats. to Sarah and to All involved in this marvellous praiseworthy project. (S.R.)



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