Millstreet Methodist Update

Greetings to everyone as we approach the high point of the Christian year. Next week we shall remember those momentous few days in Jerusalem leading up to the death of Jesus Christ on our behalf followed by his conquering of death. Because of the resurrection we rejoice in the knowledge that “we serve a risen Saviour…” on Easter Sunday evening in Millstreet we will be having a special service of worship and celebration. Everyone is welcome to join us as we give thanks to God for what he has done in Christ. We meet as usual at 7.00 p. m. in the Canon O’Donovan Centre on Clara Road on Sunday 24th April.

All next week a very special event is taking place in our Church building in Killarney. From Monday evening the 18th April right through until Easter Sunday morning (24th April) the Church will be open 24/7 for prayer. Various rooms in the building will be laid out in different ways conducive to prayer. People from all Churches and none will be coming and going to the building all that week, taking the opportunity to spend some time with God. If you are in Killarney during next week why not pop in and see for yourself.
Further information on all this from Rev. Laurence Graham at 064 6631613 or <email>

Happy Easter Everyone.

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