Eily’s Report – 9th July

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

The morning fog turned our day into a fairyland of mystique and wonder  until the sun came out and starting with the lowlands, the riverbanks and the marches it continued to climb until it’s veil was melted all away slowly off the high trees and hills till all is clear again.  It gives me an air of peace and calm even the sound of morning thunder of the passing traffic seems to be lowered by it, as the sun comes shining through.  Alright for me perhaps to glory in it but it can’t be easy for those who have to tolerate the limited view as they make their way to work. Still it’s worth passing comment on it, the weather be it good or bad is always interesting. But even more so this week as we approach St. Swithin’s Day July 15. It was a date that was feared in olden times when man and horse-power was the only means of saving the crops. Because if it rained on that day it would continue to rain for the next forty days.  People prayed earnestly that the curse of St. Swithin wouldn’t strike. The story goes that away back in history the said Saint asked not to be buried within the grounds of the church/Cathedral like all those who went before him. He asked to be interred outside the walls with the ordinary people but with the passage of time his followers thought that because of his great fame that he should be in with the elite, so they exhumed his remains with the intention is bringing them inside but the day and days rained and rained making it impossible for them to continue. The task was repeated again many years later but to the same effect. I got this nice story on this week’s Ireland’s own and thought some would like to know the story of St. Swithin. Not may I add that the power of modern machinery can ensure the saving of our harvests today, we still need the help of God to grow our crops just like we always have. Already the first fruits are ready to be picked. I saw a huge bowl of lush red gooseberries from one bush this week. If you don’t want the birds to steal all you currents and gooseberries, be sure and cover them well with some netting.  There is nothing as sweet as the first jar of the new seasons gooseberry jam and judging by the blossoms on the briers, this will be a bumper year for blackberries. So start gathering those jars from now.

Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming three friends all the way from Nebraska. Wild Indian country where I was taken out to see places with names we’ve only seen on Wild West Movies, where tornados sweep the land ,and storm chasers defy the power of Nature to face them straight up. Being from hundreds of miles inland, they had never seen a sea, nor been to one. So it was a pleasure for me to picture them dipping their toes in the waves at Rossbeigh.  Showing them Castles etc. dating back to the 6th century when their own country only became a State in 1747. Like all visitors to Ireland, they were taken by the ‘greenness’ of it all. A visit to Fr. Paddy was a must as he recalled some of his times in Nebraska for them.  Even the atmosphere in a local pub, gave them happy memories to savour.   Great to send them home with a smile on their face and a longing to come back.

The Popular Vintage season motors on. Please give your best support to  the newly formed Dromtarriffe Vintage  Car Club who are holding their second car run on Saturday next July 13th. Parking at Noel C Duggan’s yard and sign at the Bush Bar from 5 pm for a  6.30 start. Taking off from Noel C’s heading up town, turn right for Murphy’s Terrace, passing along by Liscahane and Cloghoula,  passing  the Knocknakilla Stone Circle turn left by the Country Park for a rest at St. John’s Well. Then on  for Kilcorney Village, past the cross on four roads at the Kerry Mans Table .  From Kilcorney take a right turn for Dounure West. Following another stop they head on for Nadd Pub and a gala BBQ to finish. The organisers wish all on board a very safe and enjoyable outing.

This week all roads lead to the West of Ireland for the renowned Willie Clancy week. The Provence of Connacht will be astir to the sound of traditional music and dancing with the meeting of old friends and making new ones, enthusiasts of every race and colour, travelling from all parts of the World to join in. I’m not sure if some will come from Russia this year because of the war, but we do know that there are no less than 7 Irish pubs in Moscow all playing Sliabh Luachra Music. One even called Sliabh Moscow. Only goes to prove that music crosses all boundaries even as far away as Siberia.

Our Tidy towns committee are keeping up the pressure to make a Millstreet a better place. Already the planting around the town etc. is showing  and if you have noticed the new wooden containers here and there, they were made and donated by the members of our vibrant Men’s Shed. Great to see new groups coming on board. The work of weeding and re-planting in the  Pollinator Park  is continuing and already looking better for it. The Committee want  to thank the St. John’s GAA Club and Millstreet Athletic Club for donating their collection of refundable recyclable plastic bottles. Their bin is near the Recyclable Machine in SuperValu. Please note, they must have the R symbol.  Please note that the weekly Tuesday night Clean-Up has been postponed for a couple of weeks because of the holiday season. But the anti- litter drive goes on. The Competition for Best Business Frontage, Best Houses and Best Front Gardens continues, until August.

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. July 7th.   Numbers drawn were 2, 13, 16, 28 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Conor & Lilly Mae Hickey. c/o of Denis Hickey. €50  Sellers prize went to Denis. €50 went to Holly & Max Cronin, c/o Capabu. €20 each to Danny O’Mahony, c/o Centra, Jerry Heineken, c/o The Bridge Bar. Mags Lehane ,Dublin, c/o Lehane, Eileen Murphy, Shanaknuck, c/o Centra, PJ Creedon, c/o PJ. Creedon, Anna Mae Daly, c/o Mary O’Connor, Tommy Sheehan, Main St. c/o Centra, Jerry & Fiona, Old Coach Ave, c/o   The Bridge Bar, Next draw July 14th. Jackpot €,600.

Thought for the week on our Church leaflet this week.

‘You May think your light is small, but it can make a huge difference in other people’s lives.’

Confessions in Millstreet Church every Saturday, at 12.30.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. Please sign up for a given hour every week or drop in any time, Legion of Mary Meeting at the Parish Centre every Tuesday night at 7.30.

Cullen & District Special Needs Annual Vintage Afternoon will be held next Sunday July 14. Vintage display, live music with Peter Lane, Raffles, Children’s Sports & Games, fun for all the family. Please come out and support this very worthy cause.

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