Eily’s Report – 18th June

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

The Lotto Jackpot was won on Sunday night, €5.800 went to Breeda Burke, Dromagh, and her mother Ann of Murphy’s Terrace was the seller so it was a case of luck all round for the Burke Family. On behalf of the Lotto Committee I want to wish them many congratulations.

The details are . The Lotto  Draw was held on Sunday night and the Jackpot was won. Numbers drawn were 6,12,23, 29  First prize to Breeda Burke, Dromagh, the seller was her Mother Ann and she got €580 sellers prize. €20 went to the following nine people. Betty O’Rahilly, c/o Capabu, Joan Wall, c/o Coleman’s, Our Cat’s Mom, c/o Michelle Whelan, Tony McCaul, c/o The Juvenile GAA, Teresa O’Sullivan, c/o The Clara Inn, Noreen Aroma, c/o Mary O’Connor, Breda Sheehan, Main St, Oz, c/o Colemans, ‘Sixteen’ c/o Michelle Whelan, and Mulligan c/o The Bridge Bar.

Next Draw June 23. Jackpot €2,000.

This week I’m delighted to say a fond Hello to some friends of mine whom I thought I’d lost contact with some years ago. Bob and Marylin Wallace came into my life way back when they came to stay at my B&B. When my deceased Dan was still here. His story was a good one, I’m sure I told you this before but a good story always deserves a second airing. When Bob was a young man he came into Millstreet as he made his way on his tour of the world. A friend who was to travel with him had to cancel but Bob decided to go it alone. On arriving into Millstreet he got very ill and he made inquiries about medical help and someone sent him to Dr. Cribbon, who was one of our local JPs at the time. He was found to be very ill and in fact had pneumonia. So the kindly GP gave him a pyjamas and checked him into Millstreet Hospital where he was kept for two weeks until he was fully recovered and able to resume his journey. He was never asked for money and was treated with the utmost kindness and care which he never forgot. From there his life took over again. He got back home to Australia, got work, got married, brought up the children but his memories of Millstreet never faded. Then he decided to return to the place which had treated him so well. Somehow himself and his wife found our B&B and came to stay. He brought an emblem of Australia and went along to the local Hospital where he presented it to Matron Lena, telling once again of his happy stay in that haven of rest on the slopes of lovely Clara Mountain. In spite of many efforts to stay in touch over time we lost contact, which I regretted, so you can imagine my joy when they contacted me again recently through one of my Reports. So a Big Hello today to the lovely Bob & Marylin Wallace,  welcome back.

Many thanks to our Tidy Towns committee, including, Chairman Derry Sheehan, Secretary Gordon O’Keeffe and Treasurer John Randals for sending me details of the great work that they are engaged in at the moment and of their plans for the coming months. We all know that next Friday is June 21st, the longest day of the year, any daylight hours from then on will be gradually getting shorter all the more reason for us to make full use of the moment. We have noticed that all the Flower boxes and pots around the town have been painted, weeded and planted.  Residents are asked to please  to give water etc to the ones nearest to them. The Tidy Towns  are now into the third week of the Council Litter Competition as well as the First week of the SuperValu Competition which includes all our estates and car parks as well as the town and they are inviting everyone to join the weekly Pick Up which is on every Tuesday from 7pm. Meeting in the town Square, all equipment will be supplied. They also urge us  all to keep our own places looking well maintained and litter free. Not forgetting vaping debris and cigarette butts.  Further to that they are running a competition from June to the end of August for Best Front Garden, Best Private House, Best Frontage,  with no less than ten runners up prizes to be won.   They are always looking for volunteers and newcomers to help with planting shrubs, cleaning and painting flower boxes and weeding. We are all in it together so let us  do our bit to make Millstreet a better and more beautiful place.

Personally my pet request will always be the painting of the chimneys. At one of latest houses to be done up in Church St, the eye is taken sky-wards by the lovely matching newly painted Chimney.

Advancing years gives you the opportunity to continue to savour things of the past and to keep on experiencing new things. Elements which you can pass on to those coming after. God forbid that we’d reach the stage where they would throw up their eyes and say, ‘she’s at it again.’ Or maybe someone would put on the act of playing the violin. Having said that it’s nice to be able to pass something that may be of interest to others. Right now I’m celebrating the joy of having a set of brand new hearing aids. For ages I’ve been missing out on so much. Covid made my bad ear worse so it was time to act. Having had a set of hearing aids which I got from the social welfare many years ago which I could never manage I ventured to ask for an upgrade. At the Audiology Department  St. Finbarr’s Hospital I was greeted with great interest and friendship and was told that I was entitled to an upgrade and should have come long before now. That was last September and now I’m happily wearing my new set and able to hear all I want, even the priest at Mass. The beauty of it is that I can control these amazing aids with my iPhone. The lady installed a simple App and it’s up to me to choose the volume.

Not having good hearing is a dreadful loss or impairment.  You tend to lose interest in the conversation when you can’t hear what people are saying, this leads to lack of interest and lack to trying to hold your place in company, not good for the mind in my opinion.    Even now when I can hear what everybody is saying, I find that I have to learn to concentrate all over again, because I’ve been opting out for so long nodding to someone and not even knowing what they’re saying.  Something I hated. But now with the help of my brand new devise I can look forward to better days ahead and hope that others will be encouraged by my experience. And Good Luck.

The social life of Carriganima is springing to life again with the first of their long list of entertainers getting them off to a good start last Saturday night with Effie Neill.  Saturday June 29 they welcome back the popular Gina and the Champions and Willie Burke. Go there and give them your full support and with their resident chipper now at hand the attraction it getting better all the time.

The Fun Day at Aubane will be held on Sunday next June 23, from 2-5 pm. Organised by their social Club and function not to be missed.

A notice from the Friends of Millstreet Hospital to say many thanks to all those who supported their recent Church Gate Collection which amounted to €1,855.45 in Millstreet and € 576.70 in Ballydaly.

Eucharistic Adoration in Millstreet Church every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. Legion of Mary Meeting at the Parish Centre every Tuesday night from 7.30.

Confessions in Millstreet Church every Saturday from 12.30 to 1.

Mass in Cullen Church on Thursday June 20th at 7.30.

Tune in to Sean Radley on CMS on Tuesday nights from 9.30 for the best of local music and musings.

45Drive every Tuesday night at the Canon O Donovan Centre from 8.30.

With all the exams over and many schools closed we wish our young people a very happy and safe Summer Holidays.

A very sincere Get Well wish to those who may be sick or worried.

Sinn a bfuil a cáirde, Slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.


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