Presentation made to Millstreet Pitch and Putt Club following recent Tractor Run

A Presentation was
made on Wednesday Evening April 3rd last to Millstreet pitch and putt Club by Millsteeet Vintage Club following the recent Charity Tractor Run that the Club ran for the Pitch and Putt Club on Sunday 25th February last, €750 was the proceeds from the Tractor Run and Barry Frazer and Members of Millstreet Pitch and Putt Club
thanked everyone at Millstreet Vintage Club for organising the Event, Barry said that the Funds made on the Event will be put to great use in the purchase of equipment to enhance the quality of the Pitch and Putt Greens and make improvements to what is already a very important facility serving the Town of Millstreet and the Neighbouring Locality around it and said the Pitch and Putt Club were delighted that the money made from the Event will cover there costs for buying the maintenance equipment for the maintenance of the Clubs Greens.

Below are some Photographs from the Presentation on the Night and we thank Danny Lane and Sean Radley for these Images.


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