Lourdes Pilgrimage Easter 2024 – Thanks for Your Support

Two 5th year students from Millstreet Community School, Holly Saunders and Aoife Casey, will be travelling as helpers with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust at Easter.  They will be joining up with Group 126. The girls set out before Christmas to fundraise to cover their fare/accommodation costs (€750/person) and maybe raise some funds to go towards Group 126’s fundraising efforts.  Well, as a result of their hard work, the assistance of their families and the support of the local community they raised an incredible total: €4243.25. Once the fares are taken out of this, €2743.25 will contributed to towards Group 126’s fundraising. Here s a special message from Group 126’s leader, Vivienne Rattigan:
To The Millstreet Community,
Once again Group 126 of The Irish Pilgrimage Trust wants to thank the people of Millstreet for their generosity in supporting the group travelling to Lourdes at Easter. The money raised covered the fare for  5th year volunteer student carers Aoife Casey and Holly Saunders. The surplus goes to the group’s general fund. Each group has a target of €18,000. All adult volunteer carers pay their own way.
The  Millstreet Community achieves two things. Firstly, it gives financial support. Secondly it has promoted and  fostered the spirit of volunteerism in the young people in Millstreet Community School down through the years. A special thanks also to the parents and friends of Holly and Aoife and to Mr. John Magee, school chaplain, who liaises with us from year to year.
Vivienne Rattigan
Group 126 Leader

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