Eily’s Report – 16th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

In spite of all the changes in our climate, it is still so typical of this time of year to bring frost and cold and maybe snow, nice perhaps in it’s own way but causing disruption in many things. Just at a time when we’re beginning to wake up after the Christmas break. Everybody anxious to get going, advertisements and notices already gone to where they can get the best attention and then wham, snow and ice on the forecast.  Social and voluntary events are the most affected. Business people make up their own minds and act on their own judgement.  But to hold that card game or dance or keep fit class in chancy weather is the headache of all those who organise and run them on a voluntary basis. But one thing in their favour these days is the mobile phone.  Some patrons will risk life and limb to come out, while others remain undecided and doubtful.  But one text or call will settle it all when a thing is called off.  People are great at spreading the word. If the people in charge know of someone in a district who attends regularly they can send the message there and that person will send it and on to others. In the end all can breathe easy in the knowledge that all were safe. One of the worst things that can happen is to cancel on the previous day, only to find that when the planned time comes, there is no frost at all. Believe me I speak from experience. My long years of dealing with such things left me wise.

Did you ever notice that when you get something unusual a certain kind of pain or sickness or other which is almost alien to you and you mention it to someone else, right away they either had it themselves or knew somebody who did.   It can go for any experience in life. Only last week we had the rather shocking experience of a family car/vehicle being rendered undrivable by a rodent. A rat or rats made a meal of all the workings of the family transport, brakes, windscreen wipers the lot, rendering it beyond repair. In the wake of that  a friend making her way stopped at a roadside store to make a purchase only to find when she returned, her car would not start. After much ado it was discovered that all her fuel had leaked away, because again, a rodent had chewed her fuel line. The very thought is enough to send shivers up the spine of any motorist. Both drivers were beyond fortunate that their vehicles were stopped when the damage was discovered, otherwise they could have been in a bad accident. According the Google rat infestation of cars etc,  was a common occurrence during the pandemic when vehicles were parked for long terms.  I don’t know of any way that this problem can be prevented, but if my  story can prevent  even one person from having a serious accident, then I feel that effort is not in vain.

Last week I in my cúpla focal about our Recycling Unit, I mentioned that the writing on some of the bins left a lot to be desired. Most are fine but the print on the  bottle and can section is barely legible and it can be very annoying as you make your way between the bins. I spoke to the County Council and I’m glad to say that the problem has been brought to the proper channels and we await the outcome with baited breadth.

 The Marian Players in Rathmore are nearly there. They open their  Annual Panto,  Puss in Boots this Saturday night, January 27, at 7.30. Matinee on Sunday at 3. They will do six shows in all .

The number for booking tickets 085 203 1730. Book now to avoid disappointment. Proceeds as always go to the The Kerry Parents and Friends of the Special Needs. Please support them well.

Conor Sheahan still making waves with his Japanese beef Wagyu.  Last week a camera crew from the popular RTE program  ’Ear to the Ground’ spent many hours with him on his farm at Ballinatona  making a program  revealing the secrets of the most expensive beef in the world. It will be broadcast at a later date. Day and time will be announced well in advance.

Our Active Retired Association is ready for another season. They have plans for many useful and exciting occasions in the coming months. Registration  fee €20 for the New Year will be collected from 1-3 on Wednesday at the Parish Centre ,new members welcome. Yoga at the Day Centre on Friday 19 from 3-4. Keep fit classes have already started on Mondays at the Parish Centre.

 For details ring Mary 087 053 7172

Our Lotto Draw returned on Sunday night following the Christmas break. With all members ready for another  successful year of fundraising . All proceeds go to the Town Park, The Millstreet GAA and the Community Council for the Youth Complex. We kick off  with a very encouraging Jackpot of €15,000  And we look forward to your continued support for these very worthy causes.

Numbers drawn on Sun. night were 2,3,15, 28 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Pakie Linehan, Buttevant, The seller was Tom Carroll and he got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Patrick O’Leary Coole, c/o Colemans. €20 each to Eileen Buckley, Clover Hill, c/o P. Healy, Joan Anders ,c/o Eily Buckley, Darren and Siobhan Sheehan c/o Mary O’Connor, Heidi O’Connor Millstreet Hospital, Maureen Healy, c/o Capabu. Roger Tomkins, c/o the Mal Paso, Shane Brown , c/o the Bush Bar, Vincent Hartnett, Rylane, c/o Capabu. Next draw January 21, Jackpot €15,200.

The Gramophone Circle will meet on Friday night at 8.15 at the Canon O’Donovan Centre. Presenter Séan Radley.

There’s a notice on our Church Missalette this week to say that a Diocesan Mission 2024,’Hope Alive’ Will take place from Sunday  January 21 to Wednesday January 24,each day you are invited to join in the Mission Talk  Prayer, Mass, Petition and Family Time. Speakers will include Adi Roche, CEO Chernobyl Ireland, Dr, Michael Conway, St Patrick’s College Maynooth etc. To Register log on to the diocesan web www.diocesofkerry.ie.

Details of two upcoming programs on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.

 Monday  January 15.  The LAST PRIESTS in IRELAND.

Monday, January 22 . The LAST NUNS in IRELAND.

Last night’s program entitled the’ Last Priests in Ireland ‘was very enlightening. Don’t miss tonight’s program The Last Nuns in Ireland.

The weekly sponsored Weigh In continues in Cullen every Monday night. The weigh-in will be followed by exercise to music with Hannelie. Please give them your best support. Last night, in spite of the cold weather 35 weighed in and 120 lbs  were lost. That  brings the number of sponsor cards already  gone out to 56.More of the same next week.

Our St V de Paul volunteers were very pleased with the support they got at Christmas. Which amounted to  €5,097.96. To break that down the 6.15 Saturday Mass €€1,398.67.  11.30 Mass €2,796.57, Cullen €903.72. They would like to thank all those who contributed or helped in any way to bring help and happiness to so many at Christmas.

Thought for the week, Never regret a day in your life, Good days give happiness, bad days give experience ,worse days give lessons and best days give memories May God continue to bless us every day of our lives.

Please take the utmost care in this severe weather . Those of us who like to go to Morning Mass are blessed with the wonderful Streaming service where we can get it all from the comfort of our own homes. Even the Eucharistic Adoration. There was a mention before Christmas of the cost and if we can help in any way to defray it, we would be more than willing to contribute.

Sinn a bfuil a cáirde, slán is beannacht De libh go leir.

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