Eily’s Report – 14th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Looking out my window today the scene keeps on changing. One minute the sun is blazing and the next it’s raining. The scene looks so lovely when the sun is shining. The dead calm and the warm glow, is far removed from the story on my phone about the utter devastation that Storm Debi caused in Galway last night. This time the weather people went all out to warn us about what was coming. They were blamed a few weeks ago of not giving a more severe account and people were caught on the hop and suffered the consequences. Not easy to get it right with the changing times that we live in.

It’s always nice to look back. I was just leafing through that lovely local magazine ‘Down the Park’ and a certain date caught my eye. It was the day that the Park  Rule Book was written. February 11, 1957. Just about a month before Dan and I got married. Millstreet was a very different place back then, every place was different and it takes a great deal of reminiscing to try and put it together today. We got summers of sunshine and rain when we needed it and our winters were also predictable. From October the weather waned, got colder, darker and very heavy rain falls and snow. Nothing major. All very manageable. How we loved to see our busy streams get flooded as they tumbled noisily over stones and any debris that had built up over the summer. There was never any danger, fear never entered our heads as we’d take in the wonder of it all. Sometimes if there was storm a tree may be blown down in the  shelterbelt near the house and make a ‘gap’ in the row. Soon my dad and the working man or my brothers would be out with the cross-cut saw to cut it all up for the fire. Such things often gave us the chance to see a crows nest near at hand. We used to look up in the Spring and see the rooks busy building their nests. Very often just refurbishing the old one and we’d be full of curiosity as to what they were like. This was our big chance and we were always filled with wonder as to how the feathered parents could manage  to renew their stock in a hollow made of kippins at the very top of the tree. We loved the snow, somehow we had a reason to welcome every season . We suffered severely from Chilblains  in winter time, but it didn’t stop us from racing out to play. We didn’t mind the arduous climb up the slippery  slope because of the joyous slide back down. 1947 was the only year that I can recall as being a concern. We got huge falls and places were cut off for six weeks. Sheep owners incurred big losses and the Valley of Cladagh was so badly hit that some families moved out for good. Horses loved to be left out to water during the snow. They would snort and taste it and try to gallop but the slippery ground soon let them know that it wasn’t that funny. The geese and ducks never felt the cold and would make straight for the stream and splash around in it for ages. While the little hens stepped out gingerly sampled the scene and made a beeline for the coop. Yes, life was much simpler back in 1957.

 I love it when people go to the trouble of pointing out a mistake that I have made. Recently a Dublin Fan alerted me to the fact that I said that Maureen (the late) Falvey bought Dan O’Connell’s house in the West end and built a shop there. He says that the said Dan O’Connell’s house is still there beside the one that Maureen bought. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Duhallow Heritage Society has launched the seventeenth edition of Seanchas Dúthalla following an absence of seven years. The former Seanchas committee who published their first edition in 1975 have passed  the baton to Duhallow Heritage Society to continue the legacy of collecting ,recording and preserving the rich history of Duhallow. This edition has a broad mix of articles from across the Barony and beyond .It’s for sale over a wide area in Duhallow. For full details ring Con, 087 621 3468.

An ideal Christmas gift.

 Watch out also for our Community Council Calendar for 2024. It will be in the shops in the near future.

Please make sure that you shop local for Christmas. Our Christmas decorating are going up in the town, thanks to all the volunteers  who braved the weather and the heavy traffic to get the work started  during the week.

Well done to Darren Kiely, Liscahane son of our Community Council Secretary, Maura Kiely and her husband Billy, who  played to a full house in Cork last night. Next stop in Limerick. The talented  Darren lives in  the USA where he writes and plays his own stuff and is creating quiet a stir.

Our Active retired Club will travel by bus to IRD Duhallow tomorrow Wednesday for a day long conference.

Chair Yoga at the Day Centre every Friday from 3-4 .

Line Dancing lessons is not on today.

Bowls at the Wallis Arms Hotel every Tuesday and Wednesday. Ring the Hotel for details.

45Drives in Cullen and Ballydaly every week.

Set dancing in Aubane on Monday nights and Ballydaly on Wednesday nights.

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Monday night. Numbers drawn were 1,4, 6,23 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Ciara O’Connor, Woodland Drive. The Seller was Mary O’Connor and she got €50 sellers prize. €50 went Claire Neenan/Wall, Station Rd. €20 each to The Gilbourne Family c/o Angela. Joan Cremin, Drishane Rd, Jerry O’Connor, Liscreagh  c/o M Healy. Nadine Spillane c/o Coleman’s ,Timmy Lucey, c/o Healys Bar, Tricia & J Ronan& Enda, c/o PJ Creedon, Brian Kelleher, Aubane c/o Clara Inn  and Tara Connell, Drishane View  c/o Colemans.

Next Draw November 19th.  Jackpot €13,800.

 Last draw before Christmas will be on December 17th. Resuming on January 14th 2024.

Our Mass on Sunday was the continuation of our Parishes Programme ‘Grow in Love’ as it welcomes little children who are due to receive their First Holy Communion next year. Alter servers both boys and girls attended. The focus this month is on introducing the children to the different ways in which our parish family remembers and prays for those who have died during the month of November. We are all asked to do this during this month. The church was thronged with children and parents for this meaning ceremony. Our church choir also attended.

There is a note from the Choir to say that they would welcome new members as they prepare for Christmas.  Practice every Wednesday at 8 pm.

Eucharistic Adoration today from 1.30 am to 7.30 pm.

No Mass Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Marie Twomey and some members of the Community Singers were very well received at Kanturk Hospital last Sunday afternoon where they gave a one one recital, many of the residents joining them in song. Our Community singers meet at the Adult Learning Centre every Thursday night.

Please keep up the prayers for all the troubles of the world. Nowadays Social Media is full of lovely prayers to say or just reply AMEN to show your solidarity with those who make time to pray.

The monthly meeting of the Community Council takes place tonight at the Adult Learning Centre at 8.30.

Sinn a bfuil a Cáirde slán is beannacht  Dé libh go léir.

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