Fantastic Night in Carriganima for Gina and the Champions Gig on Saturday Night

Gina and the Champions made there first visit to The Pub in Carriganima on last Saturday Evening, only one thing can be said,what a Band and what a Performance,and thanks to Everyone who came along and supported the Event,it was one brilliant night,simply fantastic and we hope you enjoyed it,a big shout out to everyone that helped on Saturday and on the very busy lead up to the event as well,we could not have done it without your help and support,we look forward to welcoming back Declan Nerney and his Band in 2 weeks time on Sunday July 23rd,we hope to see you all there,below is a link to a YouTube video of some highlights from Saturday Night in Carriganima courtesy of Sean Radley who also shot some photos of the evening as well.   


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