Eily’s Report – 6th June

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Welcome to the month of June, with the first week almost gone already. You’d wonder if we make the most or even the best out of our time.  In spite of lists a reminders we still miss things that we meant to engage in and swear that it will never happen again, but it does. Maddening isn’t it. But maybe I’m the only one. The Month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, just like the month of May was dedicated to Our Blessed Lady. Many books and leaflets carry the story of how important it is that we up our devotion to him for the good of all.  Being  an avid reader of Irelands Own  the 130 year old Magazine which was there when we were born and still there,  strong as ever. It’s about the only booklet that has never changed it’s standards  never strayed from our belief in God and all Godly things. While at the same time remaining highly interesting and entertaining. The Sacred Heart was always our mainstay in life.  No Catholic Home was complete without the picture of the Sacred Heart on the kitchen wall and a little lamp lighting below it. In the days before Electricity a paraffin oil lamp was used. It demanded a lot of attention, keeping it in oil, trimming the wick and seeing that it was placed safely away from danger. When a religious mission came to town, the last night was always set aside to consecrate every family and home to the Sacred Heart. Special pictures were easily available at the religious goods stalls out in the street. The picture had room to write the names of all those living in the house and it was hung up with deep devotion in a prominent place where it was plain to see by all and how some of them lived on even when the house became deserted due to members growing and leaving and the elders passing away. Every time I go to Killarney I can see the Statue of the Sacred Heart on a window of a house which is deserted for years. The picture still enjoys pride of place in many homes but alas not as many as before, new homes are built and the décor very often does not include the picture of God.

In a busy world it can be easy to forget how important He is in our lives.  I was talking to a young Mum recently and she said that God never answers her prayers or gives her anything, I asked her could she see me and a little taken back she said yes of course I can. Well then God has given you the gift of sight. Count away from that and you’ll find endless gifts that you got from Him. The world is in need of God like never before at the moment and if more people joined the his army it could be of benefit to all.

Please look up our website for the list of outdoor masses in June.

Mass at St. Johns Well Friday June 23rd at 8pm.

It was horses, horses all the way in Millstreet from the first day of June. The endless convoy of horse boxes arriving in town for days before was testament to what was going to be one of the biggest ever. All striving  for the 4star Nations Cup, which brought the cream of the Equestrian world to Millstreet from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, America, and many European countries to name but a few. The weather shone down as the green planes of Drishane stretching all the way from the Mallow road to the Station road all spread out in a display of colourful fences,  flowers, carved wooden displays, water fountains, leisure areas, free entry, free carparking, food stalls and large crowds enjoying it all for free. The dry weather enabled the huge horse carriers to park down in the lowlands. Sweaty Horses were hosed down following their round of the course.      A sight to gladden the eye.

 And there’s more to come  Pony Championships, July 21st to 24th, August 10th to 14th, and August 21st to 24th. Admission is always free be prepared to go and see.

Safety on our roads is never stressed enough. Accidents happen, people’s lives change for ever and they keep on happening. As I write, our prayers are for a dear friend who was the cycling victim who was hit near Skibbereen a few days ago . Himself and his lovely wife danced  at my recent 90th birthday party and wished me many more years of happiness in the years ahead. Now he lies in his hospital bed, hit by a car while out for his morning jaunt on his beloved bike. We don’t realise that every time we turn the key in our cars we are starting a lethal weapon. We may escape for years and enjoy the luxury of our own transport and then for no reason that you can’t explain, you do a foolish or dangerous act that leaves you cold.( go on admit it, I bet it happened to you too).  I don’t know who hurt our friend, I’m sure he never set out to hurt someone that morning, but forever more it will be on his mind that the life of a happy family had been ruined by him on the first of June 2023.     A sobering thought.

The weather is fine and there are lots of outdoor events to enjoy. Millstreet Primary Schools Parents Association will hold a fundraising 5km walk through Drishane Grounds, on June 11th, at 2 pm. plus a picnic in the Town Park.  Individuals €5. Families €10. Registration at the GAA Hall from 1.30. Bring your own Picnic.   Lots of fun to be had, please support it well.

 Toddler Group at the GAA Hall every Monday from 10 to 12. No need to  register Just drop in and enjoy.

Feis Lairiarain will be held in Cullen on Sunday June 11th. Competitions start at 12noon. Sports from 3pm Entertainment from 3.30. Music Dancing & Singing.

Boherbue /Kiskeam Annual Pilgrimage to Knock  Wednesday June 28th. Contact Philomena 029 76116

World Youth Day. Please contact Tomas Kenny for details of available places.  086 368 3778.

A notice on our Mass Leaflet this week,  our Canon John wishing students every success at their exams and assuring them of our prayers all the time.

A large number of our Active retired people went to Mayo on Monday for a four day stay at the Westport Woods hotel. People from other towns also joined the group in a second coach. We wish them all a very pleasant trip.

Agus sinn abfuil a cairde Slán is Beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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