Millstreet Walking Festival

Coming up next month is the all new Millstreet Walking Festival, which promises to bring a large number of walkers to the area over the weekend of the 9th/10th April. It promises to be a very enjoyable weekend with walks to suit everyone. Click on the images above to see the brochure which has the details of the festival (published this week), or view the brochure in its original pdf form: walking flyer.pdf

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  1. These days, in amongst all the doom and gloom, it’s good to have a little ray of sunshine. Co-operation Ireland can offer you just that. With four great sporting challenges on the horizon, one of these might just capture your imagination. Please take the time to read the information on the forthcoming challenges and hopefully one of them will inspire you.

    Co-operation Ireland Maracycle – 25 & 26 June 2011
    Back to the good old days when thousands of cyclists took to the roads between the two major cities of Belfast and Dublin. The 2 day 210 mile bike ride leaves Dublin on Saturday 25 June to finish in Belfast, and leaves Belfast on Sunday 26 June to finish back in Dublin with a route, where possible, avoiding main roads and heavy traffic to take in some of the most beautiful countryside along rural roads. Options will be available to allow a half day cycle, one day cycle or both days cycle, with accommodation and coach transport packages if required and full back up support out on the road from motorbike marshals, repair and first aid. All cyclists receive a specially designed event t-shirt and medal at the finish. Refreshments are available at each rest stop en route, tea and sandwiches at half way stops and a get together meal at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on the Saturday night.

    New York Marathon – 4-10 November 2011
    Runners and walkers wanted to take on one of the world’s largest sporting events
    You won’t be alone. Around 40,000 runners and walkers take to the streets of New York on the first Sunday in November. It’s an incredible event and a great way of seeing New York as the route takes in all five boroughs of the city, starting in Staten Island, crossing the magnificent Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn, Queen’s and The Bronx to finish at the world famous Central Park in Manhattan. The whole route is lined with spectators cheering you on to the finish, making the event a wonderful experience for those taking part. It’s a well organised marathon with refreshments, toilets and first aid every mile, timing mats every few miles, around 130 bands spread throughout the route and opportunities to buy photographs taken on the day…a reminder of your great achievement.

    The Cuban Revolution Bike Ride – 9-18 March 2012
    355 km over 5 days
    Starting in the capital city of Havana and finishing by the Caribbean Sea in Trinidad, the route will take you through the beautiful Cuban countryside, passing rural villages, sugar plantations, colourful fruit orchards and coastline. In Havana most of the cars on the road are large American Chevys and Buicks from before the revolution, and buildings have remained untouched for more than half a century, but outside of the city there are few vehicles on the road and as Cuba has a strong biking culture, you will fit right in. The tour has been designed to allow some free time to experience city life in Havana at the start, or visit the charming town of Trinidad situated on the Caribbean Sea and a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the finish.

    The Inca Trail Experience – 10-19 May 2012
    Trek the Inca Trail and finish with sunrise at Machu Picchu
    The Inca Trail trek enables participants to immerse themselves in this ancient civilisation and soak up the Peruvian culture. The trail to Machu Picchu is rated amongst the ten best treks in the world due to its striking beauty and ancient Inca ruins and the route includes very different terrain from high desert plateau to tropical Andean rainforest. Our ultimate destination of Machu Picchu, the ‘Lost City’ of the Incas, is one of the world’s most fascinating and important archaeological finds. Exploring the many temples, altars, terraces, fountains and chambers all displaying intricate stonework, gives clear picture of what the Inca world must have been like. The Lonely Planet describes this amazing trek: “It’s the most famous hike in South America– perhaps the world – and a must-do, life-changing experience. Hiking the Inca Trail through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu is both arduous and awe-inspiring. Four days of cold, pain and exhaustion dissipate as the mist lifts to reveal the emerald peaks and terraced ruins of the mystical ancient city.”

    How you Can Help……by taking part in one of the challenges in support of Co-operation Ireland and encouraging others to follow your example. Please contact us if you would like further information on any of the events, or if you would like a poster to display in your work place or local area. Why Raise Sponsorship for Co-operation Ireland…..Co-operation Ireland’s vision is for a peaceful stable island where cultural and political differences are respected and where people of all backgrounds can live and work together for a better future. All sponsorship raised through your participation in these events will help the charity achieve its vision and support its work with schools, youth clubs and community groups, giving people from diverse communities within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a chance to meet and spend time together so that they can learn to accept and respect each other’s traditions and cultures. One of the current projects, ‘The Youth Leadership Project’ has been set up in response to the growing evidence of the vulnerability of young people in communities throughout the island to participate in criminal and anti-social activities. The key aim of the Youth Leadership Project is to ensure that young people leave the programme with qualifications, work experience and access to a long term mentor. The pilot scheme which took place in Lurgan with 18 young people was a great success with all of the participants having returned to full-time education or training and recognising that they can make a positive contribution to their area. The Youth Leadership Project is now being developed and ‘rolled-out’ to around 30 geographical locations across the island including Cork, Limerick, Derry, Coleraine, Dublin, and Belfast.

    Check out the website for a full list of Co-operation Ireland events:
    Email <email> for further information on any of the events or for copies of the Maracycle posters.
    Text 0868282729 with name of event and email address so we can send info back to you.
    Telephone 021 4962749 if you would like to talk about any of the events.

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