Eily’s Report – 28th February

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

The last day of the second month of 2023, the cold winds of last week gave way to a beautiful mild sunny start to this week.  Having woken early, well early for the likes of me, just before 8 am,  I decided that’s enough of that  for now, I’ll get up. On drawing the curtains I was blinded by to strong morning sun shining in. Donned my dressing gown and in a short while I was out in the garden. The beauty and peace all around me was there to be enjoyed. I think that the birds like it when we go outside and spend some time in their world. The little robin flitted from one branch to the other and twitted his lovely song for me while many more fed greedily on the peanuts. In the morning sun the buds on my Camelias were  plain to see, daffodils springing up all over the place and also wild garlic and coming into flower, the old fashioned shrub, the flowering current which has followed me  through the years, from the place  where I was born  at Liscahane to where I  spent so many happy years in the shadow of Kilmeedy Castle to my present abode in peaceful Geararoe. It’s funny how we like to bring the past with us when we have to move. We made no wonder of these  at the time. It’s only when we see them after we leave that we want to have them in our own place and share them with the family when they too move on. It forms a sort of an invisible thread which binds us all together.

In the past there was very little by way of tidiness or any kind of order to our flower gardens. They were only a side line when compared to the other things around the farm or homestead. Women mostly did them and apart from an earthy bank or ditch,  they often used an old bucket or tub to grow something nice. In country life most animals and fowl ran free. Fences were bad, often too frail to control the predator. The battle between the Bean ‘a Tighe and the fowl was  always ongoing as she tried to  nourish a rose tree or some delicate pansies or dahlias etc. in the safety of an old tub  or bucket that was thrown away because it was leaking and no matter how hard she tried they still came when she wasn’t looking and scattered the earth, plant and all out on the ground. We all know that the woman of the house loved her hens, they were her own to sell the eggs and buy the messages plus a few things just for herself, but when they scattered her beloved flowers she could be heard cursing them in the next townland. But in spite of all some survived and an Irish Country garden was often the stuff of postcards. When we pass a deserted dwelling place today with its broken windows and falling-in roof  in the midst of the wreck you’ll often see evidence of mother’s work. Daffodils growing up through weeds and  long grass, rose trees holding on to bushes and trees and even sometimes a geranium still  in it’s pot clinging to life on an  inside a window sill. Next time you pass the like, give it a little more than a passing glance because believe me it has a story all of its own to tell.

My early morning  trip out  also highlighted a few jobs awaiting my attention. Some of last years growth, now faded and crisp which must go to make room for the new growth later on. Because they are often out of my reach, I devised a simple tool that makes  child’s play of my the task.  I got a lat of timber about as long as the handle of the brush, any length you like really and drove a long nail across it an inch or two from one end. This homemade appliance grabs the out-of-reach  bits enabling me to pull them away.  The lawn would look better if it was cut, but with the talk of frosty weather to come it can wait for a little longer.

March Fair Day came and went on Sunday and made a very poor show which is indeed very sad to say. I think there was a doubt about when it would be held because of the first day of the month falling midweek. Old customs are being renewed all over the country now and in countries all over the Globe and with the terrible loss of our greyhound coursing and March Fair just hanging on, for many years in the past we had a very successful Agricultural Show plus a wonderful Carnival in O’Leary’s Lawn, now the Town Park. These are the things that made our lives full of enjoyment in my day and encompassed all ages,  they have all  faded away with time and thinking about the demise of all those lovely rural events perhaps something else can be started up to replace them, where people can socialise and meet as we did when the world was ours.

Our Vintage Tractor enthusiasts enjoyed a very good start to their day out on Sunday which they very kindly held in aid of our Sheltered Housing Complex. They were treated to  refreshments with supporters and friends at the Centre before heading West on a cold clear day . Well done to all  who contributed in any way in aid of this worthy cause.

A friendly Bean Garda gave a very interesting talk at our Library on Friday last. Her message was the care and security  of mobile phones. It was well attended and there was time for a lively questions and answered  session. Many thanks to the Force for this interesting and helpful occasion.

The Community Council are hosting an important meeting at the Wallis Arms Hotel tonight to plan our St. Patrick’s Day Parade which will held as usual on Thursday March 17th, at five pm. All interested parties, please attend.  Meeting starts at 9.


I finished my jig saw of the map of the world at the weekend. With about 60 of pieces remaining, I was glad to get a bit of help from a friend to get me over the line and as soon as I can get it secured in a frame and ready to hang on somebody’s wall. I will break open another 500 piece of pleasure and I can’t wait.  Fortunate enough to have the place to myself, I can spread to pieces out on my counter and it’s there any time I want to work at it. At our time of life we all need some enjoyable hobby when we are in it helps to keep the mind healthy and active.

Just a note to say, I’m told that Posting to Nursing Homes is free at the moment. Don’t know how long it will last but it is right now.

Lent is moving on and I hope that it’s not proving too tasking for those who decided to give up one of their favourite things. Trocaire Boxes are in the church, please take one and help those who cannot help themselves. Never before were there so many places needing funding to keep going, so please do all you can in the battle against hunger and want and loneliness.

Mass in Millstreet Church every day. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10am. Monday and Friday 7.30.   On Friday  Mass is Preceded by Stations of the Cross at 7.

Please take note that morning Masses  are preceded by the Recitation of the Holy Rosary from 9.40.can also be got on line.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday from 10.30am to 7.30pm.

Legion of Mary Meeting at out Parish Centre every Tuesday night at 7.30 all welcome.  Confessions every Sat. From 12.30 to 1.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were. 6,14,19,28 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Jerry Heineken. The seller was the Bridge Bar and they got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Noel O’Sullivan, c/o Noreen Tarrant. €20 each to Paddy O’Connor, c/o Colemans, Kat & Pa Liscashane. c/o The Bush Bar. Kerry Gardener, Cullen, Patrick Murphy, Glen South, c/o Colemans, Joan & Mary Rose, c/o The Bridge Bar, Paddy O’Connor, Ballinkeen, c/o Reen’s, Denis Murphy, Cloghoulabeg, Guerins Shop, Ballydaly.

Next Draw March 5th. Jackpot €6,400.

Don’t miss Sean Radley on Cork Music Station tonight from 9.30.

45Drive at the Day Centre every Tuesday night. In Cullen on Wednesday Night and Ballydaly Sunday night all with an 8.30 start. Partner will be provided for someone who doesn’t have one.

The weekly Weigh In in Cullen goes on every week in aid of their Special Needs Association .  This week 30 people weighed in and 27 pounds lost. Just two nights left. Final on March 13th when cheques will be presented to caring and Educational Centres in Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra. There will be prizes each for the lady and gent who lost the most weight, plus those who raised the most money. The committee are asking those with cards to please bring them in on the night before March 13. So that the hardworking group can complete yet another highly successful Weigh In fundraiser for such a worthy cause.


Agus sinn abfuil a cairde Slán is Beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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