“Radio Treasures” Tonight from 9.10 to 11.30pm on CMS

On this Tuesday – 21st Feb. 2023 (Shrove Tuesday) – preceded by “Jimmy Reidy & Friends” with a wonderful programme from the  splendid Archival Show where the focus is on a Special Programme in Memory of the late and great Johnny Donegan at 8pm (the repeat of which one may hear after the Maureen Henry Show on Sunday night just after 10.30pm) we invite you to also tune into “Radio Treasures” this Tuesday from 9.10 to 11.30pm on Cork Music Station.    Feel very welcome to contact the live programme by emailing corkmusicstation @gmail.com or texting 086 825 0074 – One may also WhatsApp that number.   Tonight’s programme includes at 10pm a special Review of our Visit to Galway for the Michael Commins Show– as well as lots of uplifting songs, music, musings and requests….and a feature on New Irish Terms We Now Use in English.   We chat about the images below.   Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Committee Members pictured with Frank Fahy from Co. Mayo – Guest Speaker at the AGM of Millstreet Active Retirement Association held recently in Millstreet Day Centre. Frank delivered an excellent address on the importance of keeping active as we grow older. He especially demonstrated the great value of the Pole Activator (being held here by All).

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