Eily’s Report – 29th November

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

The month of November is on the way out and again we ask ourselves where did it go?  How did it go so fast?  If I asked Tade and Mary Lane the same question, they would say the same thing I’m sure about the sixty happy years that they’ve been married. God spared them to provide a home and bring up a wonderful family and pass on to them the wonderful cultures such as songs and lore that was handed down to themselves. Starting off by buying a humble cottage on the mountain road leading to Gneeves Bog and turning it into a birds- nest-like dwelling where they grew their food and kept hens, ducks etc. In time there was room in the acre to build a beautiful home for one of their two sons, for him and his wife to take on the same contract in life as his parents. How things have changed for the better for the people who lived in what used to be very remote areas. Where modern windfarms have brought wonderful prosperity to those who have turbines built on the boggy planes. Motor cars and other modern methods in time turned Tade and Mary’s remote beginnings into a thing of beauty and a joy for them for as long as they need. What a lesson their story would be for young people starting off today. To achieve so much from humble beginnings by adding on  according as they could afford to. They brought new life back into a little deserted place. I have always admired their progress and now it gives us all great joy to see them celebrating sixty years of a great life together. Well done Tade and Mary. We wish you many more years of wedded bliss.

Not everybody gets it so good. Betty Corkery of Direen, Clara, a family relation of mine was buried today at Drishane. She was only four weeks married over in England, back in the early 90’s when her husband died suddenly. People go away and even though they are close relatives, connections get severed as we all get on with our own lives, leaving us very little time to check on the progress of others, moreover when they go abroad.  God gives us all a job to do in this life and it keeps us occupied  while others get on with theirs.   I was sad this week to hear of Betty Corkery’s story and it only goes to tell us how thankful we should be to God for allowing our lives to go on as we rear our children and fulfil our plans and  dreams. Funerals are one of the best ways of bringing family and friends together now following the giant interruption in our lives by Covid.  The lovely meal at the hotel afterwards is a great place to recall old stories and meet long lost friends.  It’s amazing and I suppose rather sad at the way so many connections can be resurfaced in such places, sad because there is no other place where it can happen other than at a funeral, after the breakdown in society following Covid. Betty’s sister Mary O’Connor, born in 1930 and I in ’33  in the company of some of a lesser vintage helped one another to piece together many items of history and family connections  that were on the brink of extinction and we hope that the refreshing session will help those a bit younger to pass them on.

Our sincere sympathy goes to Eansie (Kelleher) Twomey on the death of her brother John whose ashes were were buried in Drishane recently. May the Souls of both Betty and John Rest in Peace.

Looking up, our Christmas Lights will be turned on next Sunday evening December 4th at six. Well done to our Lights Committee who have forged ahead despite rumours to the contrary and our town will shine for  Christmas in spite of all. The turning on of the lights is always a very  joyous event. Full of fun and merriment and wonder especially for the little children.   Our friendly Gardai  are always there to see that it all goes on in the best spirit of the Festive Season.

The Christmas Day Climb of Mushera is planned to go ahead as usual, with a 10.30 start. Proceeds to go to a fund in aid of  those who have lost new-born babies. Please support it well.

A note from the Cullen Special needs Association to say that their annual Mass and Christmas Party goes ahead next Saturday December 3rd at 1 pm.

On Sunday December 4th a show of Arts & Crafts will be held at the Day Centre from from 12.15  Items can be bought. Please support it well.

Our AIB Bank raised €1,000 recently in aid to the Day Centre & Air Ambulance. They want to thank all those who supported it so well.

Chiropody available at the Day Centre on the 3rd Friday of every month. To book an appointment. Ring (087) 986 2626

Here are the results of this weeks Lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 6,8,9,23 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Mary Daly, Claracleagh. The seller was Ita Hickey and she got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Joan Twomey Sheltered Housing. €20 each to Eileen Dineen, c/o Reen’s, Twomey Family, The Bridge, Donal O’Mahony, c/o Colemans, Jerry Heineken, c/o The Bridge Bar, Dan Creedon, c/o The Bush Bar, Hannah O’Connor c/o O’Regans Mills, Helen Kelleher c/o Eily, Ned and Sheila Walsh, Carriganima. Next Draw December 4th.  Jackpot €4,400.

It’s that time of year  again when we remind people to shop at home. Please support your own. Watch out for local stocking fillers, the 2023 calendar will be out and already the lovely CD by Paddy Murphy is in the shops. At €10 it’s a jewel of 30 songs and poems and the proceeds this year goes to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

With the extra social Welfare payments this Christmas, money may not be the greatest worry  for some elderly people. But other gifts tokens may even  be more welcome. Do a little repair job in the house or garden. Fit a second hand rail in the stairs, change the light bulbs, fit them with saving led ones. Paint a room or even an unsightly wall. Trim the garden and yard. Take some garbage to the recycling centre. Put up some ones favourite Christmas decorations. Take someone to see a friend or relation. Or perhaps go for a scenic drive, plus a meal out. Maybe ask someone what they would like as regards such a treat and remember that these things do not always apply just to the aged.   The ‘In-between’ age groups can find it very difficult to break into a social life after Covid. They were at a time in their lives when many changes take place. Two years bring a lot of changes in them and those around them in that length of time and when they try to put it all together again it isn’t easy. So lots of people need to be considered.

Wish me luck I’m taking my little 12C silver Cleo to Macroom today for an NCT and its funny how the affairs of the day runs into the night. I had a dreadful dream last night that I turned up for the NCT but never brought the paperwork that goes with it and there was a big demo in the town and I was shown up in front of them all because I didn’t bring the proper papers. In the end I told them to forget it, I was leaving. When I woke my head was in turmoil , and I was standing on the floor before I knew it, but in  finding that it was all just a bad dream, I felt like doing cart wheels around the house. Time will tell how the test will go at 2 pm today and no matter how it goes, it won’t be as bad as last night’s dream.

Look up our web site for all details of our Church services and lots more. I’m loathe to give too many finer details especially times etc in case I’d get them wrong.

Agus sin a bhfuil, a chairde, have a good week , Slán.



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