Eily’s Report – 4th October

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

The AGM of our Community Council will be held tonight at 8.00 at the Adult Learning Centre. All welcome.

The sun is shining beautifully outside, just now, but I’m not going to hang out the washing, because the notice on my phone says that it will rain again in fifteen minutes. The wonders of modern technology has brought it to such a  fine detail now, is that we can plan our movements to the letter. But oh, if only life Itself were so manageable and predictable. In our youth, we listened to our elders as they related their ways of letting them know what the weather was up to. Houses were not as well built as they are today.  No such thing as central heating or insulation nor carpets or any soft furnishings, bare concrete and timber floors everywhere. As long as the door remained shut when you banged it, it didn’t matter if there was a gale blowing in at the sides, the same for the windows. If it kept out the hens or the cat and the likes, who were always lurking nearby in the hope that a morsel of food would be thrown  to them, then it was alright. But of course  the weather was all important and planning the farm work to either work with it or around it was a very frail balance. With nothing to go on but their wits, various people had different ways of guessing what the elements had in mind. When my stepmother, God rest her, came I suppose being new she was conscious of the various features in our home and the one thing that stands out in my mind is that she always knew when it was going to rain, because the floor in the hallway became damp and sticky for a few days beforehand and when the rain went away it dried up again. Coming from the creamery my dad would check to see if Jack Peter’s goats were gone out. Jack and his brother Pete lived in the cottage, at the end of our boreen. Pete was our cook and housekeeper until our dad married again. They kept two goats for milk. Tied together with a homemade devise, comprising of two   bucket handles bent round to make a collar and a length of chain of about  18 inches to hold them together but with ample room to graze. This prevented them from wandering into the neighbours fields and flower gardens, so they grazed the long acre all their lives and came home to be milked every evening and when milked next morning they were free again to go or stay. To see them still in situ in late morning was a bad sign of the weather and my dad would know it was not going to be a day for hay. But if they were gone away up the hill, then the goat knew best and it was all hands on deck in the meadow.  It’s a far cry from when at a meeting last Friday, nearing the end somebody asked about the weather outside and one member checked his phone and declared that the sun would shine in 20 minutes, and so it did.

The  40th National Dairy Show will be held at the Green Glens on Friday, October 21 and Saturday October 22.   Missing one  year for Foot’n’Mouth and one for the Covid pandemic. After all these years we can’t be blamed for assuming that it will again be the fine showcase for bovines and their attributes that it always was. With it’s first class facilities laid on for the priceless stock that will come.  The prewashing facilities where the prizewinning animals were adoringly cleansed and coiffured the night before, ornate show rings, plus tiered seating, numerous trade stands, huge dining area and nearby toilets, free parking galore, to name but a few. But alas  this is  2022 all that  has changed. Since the Indoor Arena at the mighty Complex is playing host to hundreds of Ukrainian refugees, the organisers are obliged to adopt a plan B. So they are confronted with the mammoth task of creating the luxuries that they enjoyed indoor, to the out of doors. Not an easy contract when you think of the dining and toilets and showrings etc. having to be made a reality under the sky. When we got the Eurovision  Song Contest here in ’93, all those who were able to work  were given something to do and the others sent away to pray and that’s about where myself and my equals are at right now.  We hope and pray that the organisers get all the help they need in the coming weeks. We wish them the best of luck and fine weather.

Please be reminded that our Macra Club will hold a Table Quiz at the Clara Inn on Friday October 14 at 8 pm. Tables of four, €40 per table.

The new development at St. Joseph’s Gardens looks amazing. Well done to all those involved.  I must come and see it very soon, I’m sure the scene will jog my memory of the days were spent at the Presentation Convent. Parades around that Holy ground on May Day singing our little hearts out to Holy Mary. Many thanks to Sean for the lovely pictures.

Many congratulations to all those involved in the worldwide Radio service that we call Cork Music Station.   Initially through inspiring vision and dedication it was taken to dizzy heights by the expertise of Willie and Ita FitzGerald, Cullen and their son John. Bringing people from all over the globe into their range.  A gala night was held at the Pub in Carriganima on Saturday night where special awards were presented to Seán Radley, all the DJ’s who dedicate so much of the time free of charge for the sheer enjoyment of others. The Station can be reached on our Millstreet website, or from an app on your phone.

I want to wish my eldest great grand child, Kate Buckley a very happy 16th birthday. A gala Family party was held for her at the home beside Kilmeedy Castle at the weekend.

The lovely Gillian Kelleher is making every effort to bring our library into the reach of everybody regardless of age, creed or nationality. From knitting to talking, delving into the past or planning for the future, there is something there for everyone and while there are certain slots for children, there is no age limit for the many other pastimes which Gillian has planned. Look out for the notices that come up on the media, or ring 029 21920.

Gillian of course and her husband, Raymond Gilbourne do us pride at many race meetings both at home and abroad, dressed to the nines and winners of many Awards for being the best dressed.

Could it be that with the shortage of priests and church services that more and more people are turning to the Media for the affairs of the soul. In recent times I’ve noticed people from different parts of the Globe  resorting to it, some to pass on a prayer that worked for them, some to say thanks to the Lord for favours received. Others asking for prayers because of some worry or concern or tell a story of the reason why they believe that there really is a God. Long may this trend continue.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday in our Church from 10.30 to 7.30pm. Mass every day at 10 am preceded by the Holy Rosary and prayers from 9.40. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  and at 7.30 on Friday and Monday. Confessions every Saturday from 12.30 to 1.

Legion of Mary Meeting every Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Look up our website every day ,it is full of news and important information thanks to the wonderful people who give their time free of charge for our benefit.

Chair Yoga with Norah, continues every Friday from 3 pm at the Day Centre.  Chiropody now available at the same venue on the 3rd Friday of every month. Please book in advance, ring 087 896 2626.

You are invited to choose a date for Lifesaving CPR and use of an AED which will be held at our Day Centre on October 5th or October 19th.  Cost €10.          From 7-9. Contact 029 70026.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which  was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 8,20,22,25  and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Mary Buckley, the Seller was Lehane and he got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Kathleen Sheehan c/o Tom Carroll. €20 each to Mrs. Sall, c/o Tom Carroll. Gorden O’Carroll c/o Tom Carroll, Mike Byrnes, Jr, Rathcoole, Anne Marie Lyons ,c/o Tony O’Brien. Tadhg Dineen, Keale, Derry Morley, c/o Sheila Lane, & Margaret. Twohig, c/o Colemans. Next Draw October 9th. Jackpot €2.800.

Listen in to Sean Radley’s weekly show on Cork Music Station tonight from 9.30. for all the news on the tenth anniversary of that magic airwave and lots more.

I had the honour of being a guest on Brendan Begley’s  TV show  on TG4 on Sunday night and for those who missed it, it can be retrieved on RTE Player.

45 Drive in Millstreet every Tues. night at 8.30 at the  same venue,  In Ballydaly on Sunday night and Cullen on Wednesday night, all with an 8.30 start.

Set dancing in Aubane every Monday night.

Community Singers on Thursday nights at the Adult Learning Centre from 7.30.

It’s October, but it’s not all over yet in the garden yet. My fleshy rich Begonias got a bad beating from the wind and rain, so I put them aside for a while, only to find that they have shed the debris and are now sporting lovely blossoms again. The Virginian creeper which has taken a back seat all summer it’s plain green foliage lost among the more vigorous blossoms, is now ready to come into it’s own. Giving us a flash of crimson in hidden places and sheets of colour covering large areas  and my lemon tree which fruited all Summer still sending out new blossoms and young fruit, all for a daily drink of water and the grass still needs it’s weekly trim.

Agus sin a bhfuil, a chairde, have a good week ,Slán.




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