Millstreet Community Gym – Important Notice

This post has been a while coming, but I have been left with no choice but to make it now. This is a reminder to all our student members, that if you do not conduct yourselves appropriately, you will be left with 1 of 3 options:

1 – You will have to be supervised by an adult for the entirety of your visit to the gym
2 – You will be barred indefinitely from using the gym
3 – You will be allocated time slots to use the gym

The gym is not a playground, nor should it be treated as such.
There are racks for the dumbbells and plates for a reason, use them.
Benches, bars, cable attachments and bands MUST be returned to their original and designated areas.
Plates MUST NOT be left on the floor or resting against the walls and/or mirrors.
If you break something (it happens) alert a member of staff so they can fix or replace the piece.
You cannot run or chase each other in or around the grounds of the gym.
You cannot use the spray bottles as water pistols, use them as intended and clean the equipment.
Thoroughly wipe your shoes before entering the gym as to not drag dirt and grass all over the gym.

The condition the gym was left this afternoon and on many other countless occasions is unacceptable and it can no longer be tolerated. The lack of respect and appreciation for the gym, it’s staff and most importantly other members is appalling.

Of course there are student members who conduct themselves accordingly, follow the gyms guidelines and we thank you for that. But unfortunately you will now have to hold each other accountable. If the issue is not resolved immediately, this matter will be taken further.

Everybody has their own personal reasons for attending and using the gym and we should appreciate and respect that. But childish behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Thank you


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