Presentation made to Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Website last Monday Night by Millstreet Vintage Club

There was a Presentation made by Millstreet Vintage Club on Monday Night last at the Carnegie Hall Millstreet to Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Website following a recent Tractor Run that the Club held in Millstreet, Sean Radley representing both Millstreet Museum and Website along with Michael Cashman and Hannah Lee O’Connor who were present on behalf of Millstreet Website were on hand to receive a Cheque for €3,128.96 the proceeds from the Tractor Run, also in attendance was Patrick W O’Leary from Kentucky USA who contributed a very generous patronage to both the Website and Museum through the Vintage Club Event, Hannah Lee O’Connor, Michael Cashman and Sean Radley thanked Everybody for there very generous support and also thanked Millstreet Vintage Club for making this happen and the Club were delighted to play there part in helping out these 2 very important Groups in Millstreet which give invaluable service to our Community.
Photos by Danny Lane.

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