Knocknalammon Memories Part 2

A selection of old photographs from Knocknalammon.  A feature was published a few weeks ago, which can be accessed here.

I think this was taken in the 60’s. That’s Mary (Babe) O’Sullivan on left. Man on right is Pat Hickey visiting from NY. Pat may be one of the younger men in the earlier period photos. Don’t know who the couple in the middle are. The next photo is of Babe in the 70’s. My 2 older sisters spent a couple of summers visiting her in the 70’s.The bottom two are of Babe in the earlier period (1920’s).

The reverse says Babe with friend Kit

The Dineens were neighbours and good friends  of Mary (Babe) and own the farm now. She was lucky to have them. They sent Christmas cards with photos of the old place to my grandmother which she really enjoyed. Deidre Buckley was kind enough to take me around when I visited.
Babe from the 1970’s
An interesting story I forgot to include with the earlier email with Jer O’Sullivan’s photo. My grandmother often told a story of Jer sheltering Hugh O’Brien from the British. Hugh was on the run. She said Hugh had a bad feeling and headed out into the night and the soldiers raided the house soon after. Quite the adventure for grandma. She married Hugh’s brother Pat (grandpa) in NY.

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