Eily’s Report – 16th August

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

We have a winner, Winner Alright ,Our Lotto Jackpot of €20.000 has been won. Won at long last. And the lucky winner is Paddy  Golden, Kilmacrane. The lucky seller was Reen’s  Pharmacy and they got €2,000 sellers prize. Amid stoppages because of Covid our jackpot had grown from €8,400  on 17.8.2020 ( according to my records but I could be wrong) and when we resumed our weekly draw following a long break .The Jackpot accumulated to a massive €20.000 which was the limit, and we had to stop adding to it but all the time in the background a new jackpot has been growing, enabling the committee to start off again next week following the big win, with a decent Jackpot of €6,400. We’d like to congratulate our winner and wish him the very best of luck with his windfall, and also the sellers Reen’s Pharmacy who will get the €2,000 sellers prize.

Here is the full list of winners from this weeks lotto draw. Numbers drawn were 10,15,24,27 and the lucky winners was

Paddy Golden, Kilmacrane. The seller Reen’s Pharmacy and they got €2,000 sellers prize. €20 each went the  following 9 people. Ursula Annagloor, c/o Colemans. Denis O’Connell,c/o O’Regan’s Mills,  Mary O’Callaghan, Bolomore, James O’Mahony,c/o P J Creedon, Kathleen and Danny Kelleher, c/o Colemans, Abbey Cronin,Killarney Rd. Shane Browne, Tanyard Wood. Sharon Lane, Drishane Rd, Darren Kiely,c/o P.Healy.

Next Draw August 21st  Jackpot €6,400.

and before I leave the subject of the Lotto. I want to say a special word of praise for the lotto committee who worked so hard every week during  the heady times while the Jackpot stood at €20,000 and sales were high. Because of covid restrictions they had to work on reduced staff which made it all the more difficult for them to make sure that the weekly draw was carried out without a flaw. All those involved can justly take a bow on a great job, done well.

I don’t know about you but the weeklong heatwave left me weak and debilitated. Lost all interest in food, well regular meals anyway and spent the most of every day hiding on my couch. The living quarters in my house are facing North and often come in for some criticism for not catching the morning sun, but this week it came into its own and I was able to sit pretty for a long part of the day. I got up at about 7 each morning and did my chores and then enjoyed some mellow time in the out-of–doors until the sun came up and got too hot for me to bear. Now we are hoping for some welcome rain so that our wilting plants will recover. Miraculously my Lemon tree took no notice of the scorching sun but just keeps on adding new fruits  needless to say non-edable. ‘Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat. Well the rain did come buíochas le Dia and was heralded in by thunder and lightening in many places. There was flash flooding in many places  but aside of that the countryside looks greener and refreshed and all my receptacles are full of rainwater again.

Those who travelled from far away for  the McSweeney wedding took some punishment as the close-nit members tried to make their way from many parts of the US to attend. They encountered cancelled flights, change of flights, baggage problems and numerous other hazards, resulting in some having to hire a taxi from Dublin at the last minute, while others had abandon their trip, the searing heat not helping. But it was all ok on the day and the lovely wedding of Alison and Paul went ahead as planned . Two days later the reunion of childhood friends of the McSweeney Family plus members of the long gone Slanan Rovers FB Club and many others was a dream come through at the Clara Inn on Sunday evening. Friends home from Australia and America and all over Ireland gathered to be there. Great  old stories were recalled and old photos brought out to add special spice to the memories.  New ones taken to keep it all alive for posterity and as I sat among them, wondering where did all those years go since they were small children, playing children’s games and sealing friendships that are still to the good here in front of me. Since each one  embarked on their own journey through life, they have encountered many joys and many sorrows and disappointments but they met their challenges head on and here they are today full of the joys of meeting their friends again.  Not everybody gets the chance to be there to see their little ones and the friends they made grow into mature some now retired people. And that was my silent word of thanks to God as I enjoyed their company as of old at the Clara Inn on Sunday night.

Well done to the organisers and to the Clara Inn  who helped to bring  back so much of the lovely past, to be lived and enjoyed  all over again.

Well done to Anthony Lehane, son of Joe and Nora who has added yet another beautiful song to his repertoire. Find him on our website with his rendering of Niall O’Brien’s lovely words, ‘In no Time At all.’

The Declan Nerney concert went extremely well at the Pub in Carrganima on Sunday night. The  weather just about held out and a large crowd enjoyed hearing their favourite singer performing in their own rural setting. Well done once again to the pub. Listen in to Sean Radley on Tuesday night after 9.30  on Cork Music Station, when the other Sean will tell us all about Declan in Carriganima.

‘Tis happening all the time  they wouldn’t be at it if they were not succeeding. I’m referring of course to phone scams, credit card scams etc. A friend in Cork got a call from a nice speaker to say that her bank card was in trouble and they would kindly send someone to her house to collect it and change it for her, she became suspicious and declined. But was never sure if they’d really send someone for her card.

Then a young local man from near here works in a bank in Dublin and one day he got a call from a farmer’s wife from Carrigadrohid, Co. Cork (he being from down South himself cocked his ear) and she was worried because like the first lady I mentioned, she had a call from someone to say her credit card was not right and they would send someone for it and change it for her.  The lad smelt a rat and quickly spoke to his supervisor who told him to hold the lady on the line so they could advise her. Which they did, asked her for details of where she lived what bank she dealt with, and they then contacted her nearest Garda Station, told them their story and they took it from there. In time the strange taxi arrived at the woman’s house and she handed over her card and they made off, but on arriving at the said bank they found the Guards waiting for them and nabbed their top man. For one thing it proved to the first lady that they really would come for her card, and secondly please please be warned.

There was a very large entry for the Summer Horse Show which was held at the Green Glens last week but because of the heatwave it passed almost unnoticed, to me anyway.

Good news for our Men’s Shed. I’ve just been reliably informed  that they have been granted the princely sum of €38.000 towards the upgrading of their building in Church Street. What used to be our old Fire station, needs lots of improvements to bring it up to the standard of a modern day facility where the boys can meet and talk and  work at hobbies etc, which they never got the opportunity to try till now.

A missionary priest of the Kiltegan Society gave an interesting talk about his long years working on the missions in Africa. Aged 92 he appealed to people to donate to their great work and paper work on the subject was left on the seats for people to take home. It is hoped that many people will respond and give to the great work that are done by our priests and nuns in these distant places. Please give what you can.

Eucharistic Adoration today and every Tuesday in our church from 10.30 to 7.30.   Legion of Mary Meeting at our Parish Centre every Tuesday night at 7.30 . Confession on Saturdays from 12.30 to 1.

Mass every week day at 10 am Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and at 7.30 Monday and Friday at 7.30pm.

Following the long hot spell and the heavy rains, roads could be very hazardous. Please take care when you’re driving. Recent flask floods have washed some debris out on to roads in places so be prepared to stop or slow down.

Sinn a bfuil a cairde.  Slán.



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