Eily’s Report – 28th June


Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

Some like the rain, some don’t, but we all need it at least the land and the world around us do. It’s when nice warm sunny days turn wet, windy and cold days come that it becomes hard to bear. Warm clothes which were consigned to the shelf for the summer are pulled out again leaving us with over stocked wardrobes, crooks at the back of the bedroom door, or any other place where they can be easily accessed in a moment of chill, or wild shower. It’s a time when winter and summer clothes have to learn to live together. Not something that we like, but have to accept. People coming home from sunny climes, tell us of long hours day in and day out of brilliant sunshine. Little more than flimsy gear to cover their sun-starved bodies as they cash in on their good value break. But we live in hope of an improved July with lots of sun.

If we have learnt anything from the years of Covid 19, it has to be that we are not in charge anymore. We all liked to feel that we were in charge. Well, up to a point anyway. Hard work, doing a good job gave us the where-with to have a nice home a well maintained family and household, giving us that nice feeling of being in charge, in a comfortable sort of way. But two long years of cancellations and diversions and delays have thought us that we need to leave lots of things to chance and hope for the best but all the time keeping our eye on the ball for any opportunity that may get us back on track. I have to keep everything on list now. If I hear of something of interest or importance coming up  I have to jot it down  and further to that I  have to check it regularly or it would pass me by. Shopping lists, funerals, deaths, social events, all fall into the category. It can be so disappointing  and disheartening to realise that you have failed, again to meet something important or enjoyable or hurtful to someone else.  Prices are soaring and it’s taking more careful planning to stretch the weekly budget. At my time of life who can blame me for thinking that I have it all under  control, be confident to pick up the same things that I always got from the supermarket shelf, but no, now I find myself reading prices checking to see if I really need it. Sometimes my friends and myself, share these items of interest. Help one another to shop more wisely. Point out the things that have gone up or perhaps can’t be got. Or just to eat out and not cook at all at times. Cooking for one can be very wasteful.   Did we ever think we’d see the day.

Clothes are the least of our problems, because they are still like new on the  peg, having been off duty the last two years. A little smartening up at the  dry cleaners will bring them  back to new life again and ready to doll us up for any social occasion that will come up on the list  (if I think to check it.) Shrouded in fear, for  the past two years and told that you can’t go out without a mask, keep well away from people, don’t hug, don’t kiss, don’t visit, don’t go to Mass, see Mass on the telly, pubs shut, every kind of sport and leisure activity taboo, schools shut, you know yourself, you’ve been there. How could we not find  change in ourselves following  that sort of intrusion in our lives. We know that there is no place to lay blame. Corona Virus happened, took the world by storm and changed it forever, changed us. In the past two years some were born, some grew up, others grew old. Lots died. The young have the best chance of seeing how the world will recover from Covid19, but they will not be able to know what it was like before, no one could pass on that true feeling. Books can tell the story and films the appearances, but only those who were there can relate the feeling. And we’ll be gone and I suppose that’s what life is all about really, each generation doing it their way.  Making the  mistakes and learning from them inventing new things, to make life better.  So  now instead of grieving over what we have lost it is better for us to find ways  to rebuild our lives and make them whole again. Things will not be the same, maybe better maybe worse but definitely different and  instead of holding on to the past we’d be wise to let it go and build anew. In the future, history will be based on what happened before Covid or after Covid.

A special Mass was con celebrated  by Canon John and Fr. Paddy on Monday at 10am, and  was followed by a blessing of the Chapel Yard  Cemetery. Blessing of the Cillin (Pauper’s graveyard) on the Clara Rd.  followed. Apart from being the last resting place of  people’s loved ones, our Graveyards are always great centres of interest and it is regrettable that they are not well kept. Every burial ground is a haven of  fond memories and history  and most of the gravestones are very well placed  but apart from the main walkway through the middle our Church yard resting place has very few or no paths to individual graves. Such places are held in very high esteem in other countries ,and are popular tourist attractions ,because of people returning to their native homes to learn about family history. Drishane cemetery is very well  done and it would be so desirable for our place in the West End to be ungraded in like manner, especially as it is placed in such a prominent location in our town.

No less than two people from foreign countries passed away in our Parish in recent weeks. A special Mass was said on Saturday morning for a Dad from Poland and as his son is attending the Boys National School , his classmates and teachers attended. Many local people who were at the Mass went and offered their sympathy to his  wife and family afterwards. We send them our sincere sympathy at this sad time.

Summer holidays are looming for our National school children, and many Summer camps are on the agenda for them in the coming weeks. We wish them a  very enjoyable and safe time between now and September. By then some will  be going to higher classes and some to different schools and we wish them well.

Well done to our friendly Centra Store in the West End who never fail to treat every youngster to a selection of goodies as they break for summer. The weather was kind for the grand open air display ,But only just about .

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw . Numbers drawn were 2,13, 21,23 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Eileen Irish, Clara Rd. the seller was O’Herlihy’s Centra and they got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to  Conor  & Lily Marie Hickey, Ballnagree, €20 each went to Sheila & John. c/o Centra West End. Trevor O’Connor, c/o Mary O’Connor, Phil Sheehan, Keim. Niall O’Brien, Ballydaly, Margaret Hegarty, c/o Irish Rail. Ursula Pomeroy, Clara, Inn,Patsy Corcoran, Pound Hill, Lehane c/o Lehane,  Jackpot for next week €20.000, Draw July 3rd.

The Willie Neenan 5 mile Race will be held on July 1st.

Cullen Special Needs Association Vintage Day Sunday July 10th. Live Music with T.R.Dallas plus many side shows, Kenny the clown and children’s sports.

Coffee morning for the Active retired Association every Thursday morning following 10 am Mass, at the lovely Blue Rose Cafe ,West End.

Mass every morning at 10 am. except on Monday or Friday when its at 7.30pm.Sometimes they vary because of funerals or special occasions. Morning mass is preceded  by Rosary and prayers with Mary, at 9.40  and sometimes some lovely organ music during Mass with Deirdre.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday following morning Mass until 7pm. Please come for an hour or just a short visit. Don’t leave the Lord alone.

Fields are being topped at the moment to give pastures an opportunity to renew themselves, it also gives the passers by the opportunity to catch a glimpse of bunny rabbits in play.

If you have a flair for drawing and colouring etc, call the Sheltered Housing Complex 029 70926. And perhaps pick up a new hobby, or teach yours to someone else.

Friday is the first of July. Make plans and keep them the year is moving on.

Stay safe, Slán.

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