Fuel Shortages

A scene from Minor Row in the 1970’s. Does everyone have their donkey and cart ready for later this year when there are likely to be fuel shortages. Hopefully it won’t come to that.
Thanks to Dan for sending in the photo. Anyone know who is driving?

7 thoughts on “Fuel Shortages”

  1. On the day I recorded that image of Dan Hallissey many decades ago I actually later joined Dan on his wonderful means of transport and filmed our journey on cine-camera as we progressed down Minor Row, passing the Tanyard and proceeding along Drishane Road. I said farewell to Dan at Coole Cross….and walked it back home to 17, Minor Row, Millstreet. Dan – a True Gentleman – had earlier arranged with Blacksmith supreme, Tom Radley to provide four new shoes for his faithful donkey at Tom’s Forge in The Square! A treasured memory.

  2. Sean,
    You reminded me of my own experience of that iconic image of Dan returning from Town in his horse and cart and the creamery churns rattling along by the Priest’s Cross towards Drishane. I would often meet Dan at the Creamery and I spent many happy Summer days with Dan and Hanny on their farm.
    My book “Millstreet Memories” recalls these far distant memories of the idylls of Millstreet.
    Great to see you back to full health again Sean. See you in Millstreet soon, dv.
    Greetings from Kilkenny to all my Millstreet relations.

    1. Sincere thanks, Noel, for evoking such wonderful memories of bygone days. Many thanks for your much appreciated good wishes and looking forward to your next visit to Millstreet.

  3. Dan Hallissey was my aunts husband Madge Mullane from Ardnageeha Cullen. I also worked in the farm in Drishane with Dan
    Pat O Riordan
    Now living in Leap Skibbereen

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