Eily’s Report – 17th May

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

The Month of Our Blessed Lady is moving on and the Holy Rosary is being recited at cross roadside Grottos and indeed at our own Tubrid Well regularly since the month began and will continue till the end. The annual Mass will be said at Tubrid Well on Friday May 27 at 7.30. Further to that Masses will be said at all of our Cemeteries during the month of June. Please keep an eye out for the dates.  While on the subject, I’ve been asked to mention that the toilets at Tubrid Well are not open which is a great inconvenience  to many who go to  pray there.

Social life seems to be returning at a great rate as invitations to weddings, Holy Communion Parties and Christenings are increasing all the time. Buíochas le Dia.  Those having an occasion to celebrate  feel more free to draw a bigger crowd and those attending feel freer to go and while we are slow to say that we are out of the wood, we’d all love to get back to normal. It will take time, but we must make a start and make it now. Invitations seem to mount up on some people as they dash from one place to another  while most of the time blessed fine weather. Garden parties and outdoor dining is a bonus to any occasion and of late many people have been extremely lucky. There is a vast array of outdoor furniture to be had some in store for the past two years and to bring them out now on a fine day or evening, gives the whole thing a feeling of the Costa del Sol. Sipping your wine from pastel coloured glasses and food of every ilk, Oh, Eily stop.  The hunger goes on for people to renew old acquaintances and add to the everyday ones.

We hope that the organisers of the Fun Day in the Park will get a fine weather on Sunday as they lay on a very promising list of events to suit all ages. BBQ, kddies games, face painting, live band music and lots more. It’s a Community effort, so please give it your best support.

 It’s on Sunday May 22nd from 2 to 5 pm.

Many people are sad at the ending of the 45 Drives at Ballydaly but there’s light at the end of the tunnel for all those who would like to learn Bridge. Mary O’Brien of Macroom is starting classes and would be willing to come to Millstreet if the demand was great enough. Her phone number is  026 41906 or mobile  087 207 3042.

Meanwhile the popular weekly 45 Drive continues at the Canon O’Dononvan Centre in Millstreet every Tuesday night and in Cullen on Wednesday nights each with an 8.30 start.

Our Friends in Castlemagner are hosting their Feile na Bealtaine Concert this Friday night May 20th. Always a wonderful show comprising of story telling, songs and dance and followed by the ever friendly cup’o tea.

The swallows are back and I have to keep my head down when going into my shed as they have returned to their old stomping ground in the rafters. I’m glad to give them their freedom because their nests will not effect my everyday life. Some birds choose to build under the eaves and have to be routed because later on when their youngsters and growing their waste can be seen sliding down a beautifully painted wall. My heart goes out to them but also to the people who have to refuse them planning permission. I met the friendly cat in town on Sunday and he came over for a stroke. Some weeks ago I brought him home in a box, but he didn’t stay. He still looks for love and indeed some food  to my eyes he didn’t look as well fed as he did the last time we met. So maybe some kind person will give him a few scraps.

On Sunday I had a visit from a man and his wife from Malaysia who know my brother out there and had nothing to go on except the book that Brother Vincent wrote about his own life at Liscahane, so he got on to the Museum and thanks to Sean Radley we made contact. They didn’t know that I even existed. So it was a joyous occasion when I was able to take them to the place that they came so far to see. Having told my family members that I’d be coming they kindly gave me clear rein to proceed.   With Brother Vincent’s book in hand and several paragraphs underlined we sallied forth, and took pictures standing in places mentioned. For me it was a real trip down memory lane as I tried to piece together the old home place as it used to be.  The cow sheds and the barn loft where we kept the oats and wheat after the threshing and the stream where it all happened, the washing of the churns after the creamery, the buckets after milking  and the horses galloping for a drink with rattling traces making music after a hard day’s ploughing, drops of water running down their noses from swallowing too fast.  The washing of the puddings when we killed a pig and the washing of the wellingtons at the end of the day. The book mentioned the spring well at the bottom of the lawn. He was determined to see it. So with stick in hand we gingerly picked our steps. There were many gates to be encountered and I was delighted that I could still go through the bars like of old instead of opening it. On our way to the well, Clara Mountain came into view in the distance and because it was mentioned in the book, my guest stared at it in awe. Almost in disbelief that it was the one he’d read about, needless to say another picture. On reaching the area of the well it was a no go area but the stream and the stories of our fishing days from the book identified with his own young not well off days when he fished in the streams of the jungle and caught trout and eels like we did. On leaving he left a lovely bouquet of flowers and a picture of my brother at a place he chose himself. Down in the town we had to see the old school house in the Clara Rd. The old Creamery where Jerry often took the milk with the donkey, the Mill, the Church, our graves followed by a wonderful meal at the Wallis Arms Hotel, which tied in with the story of the Wallises of Drishane. Before they came they had a mental picture of Millstreet at being a small sleepy hamlet but on leaving they were full of praise for it as a vibrant and lively place.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 7,9,19,28 and the Jackpot was not won €100 went to Ian Buckley, the Seller was Jerry Lehane and he got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Jerry Heineken, c/o The Bridge Bar, €20 each went to Ber & Con Donnelly, Cullen, Brendan Lehane c/o Centra, A.Tarrant, Dooneen, Imelda Hickey c/o Apls, P.J.O Sullivan, Millstreet, Paddy Lucey, Banteer, Mary Cotter, Mill View and Declan Dennehy, Drishane. Jackpot for next week €20,000, The Draw on Sunday night.

Silage time is here again and the drive is on to get the winter feed stowed away as quickly as possible. Please be aware of the extra machinery on our roads at any time day or night. So please be careful.

And the Rhododendrons are coming into flower across the road from me on the entrance to what used to be the great Mount Leader Estate. They have lived on to bring us joy, and hope long after the Land Lords are gone.

Sin a bhfuil, a chairde, Slán.

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