Eily’s Report – 29th March

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my  report.

Welcome back summer time along with the spell of lovely weather it has turned the latter part of our day into something both useful and enjoyable. People who are here from other climes where the annual time-change is not observed are to say the least very impressed. Not so much in the morning, but at stopping time in the evening when they finish their day’s work indoors.  They are almost in disbelief, that it is still  so bright and at what can be achieved by putting the clocks forward one hour.  How it can make such a vast difference to their evenings as well as the saving of electricity and so on.  Being used to it all our lives, it is something which we take for granted and it is only when we see others remarking on its advantages that we sit up and take another look and say yes they’re right, it is a good idea.

Our mornings are veiled in thick mist these times. The soft fog covering the land in early morning turns our world into a sort of fairy land, full of mystery and the unknown when we can’t see beyond the nearest hedge. A driving hazard for all road users. But for us who can take a closer look, it’s easy to see that the spiders have been busy as we slept, their delicate lacy cobwebs adorned  with sparkling dew drops could send your thought into overdrive as you let your imagination run wild. Jewelled lace curtains adorning  kings castles or grand houses or maybe on a stage all prepared for the ballet dancers to begin. Moments to treasure and ponder for a moment on the ingenious craft that only the spider can weave and then the early morning sun comes up and melts it all away, if you blink, you’ll miss it. But the spider doesn’t waste it’s raw material, I read somewhere recently that in some cases they take down a work of art and place it in another place. Do you know that a cobweb can stop blood. It was commonly used in olden times when manual work caused many a scar, maybe from a brier or a fall or a knife or whatever. Cobwebs graced every nook and corner of the outhouses in the farm and when needed the affected part was raised up under one of the right size and hey presto ,an instant dressing. I saw them being used in bigger ways when and animal bled following say dehorning etc. when other methods failed the cobweb never disappointed. As children we loved to watch the spider at work. While sitting on a stone beside a busy stream on a sunny day there was nothing nicer than to watch the spider at work. We had the time and the spider had the gift. How intriguing it was for us to see the work in progress and then see the whiley fellow take up his position at the far corner of his kingdom and wait. There was an abundance of flies and bees, some crawling, some on the wing, so there wasn’t long to wait. Sure enough along would come the unsuspecting bee on the wing, full of the joys of a Summers Day. Buzzing away popping into every flower and fruit meeting others of it’s ilk  and avoiding anything that posed a threat and then alas put his foot in it. The moment he touched the spiders web it captured him and the more he tried to break free the more caught up he became in the sticky treads. His lordship didn’t move, not yet until the victim was enfolded in the silver trap and then proceeded to enjoy his meal.  Nature is beautiful and in our young days we were very fortunate to have the freedom to roam far and near the enjoy it. But nowadays when I watch Nature programs I can see how much we missed.  They give so many details which were beyond our notice,  but adding that now to what we already knew is great.

Spring is in the air just now ,and they say that young men’s hearts turn to love in Spring. And the same goes for the birds and the bees. And listening and watching them is made all the more interesting when we have the knowledge from the TV programs. The different calls of the birds, seeing them gathering material for their nests, some landing on the back of an animal and plucking last year’s coat off them which I imagine is a great relief to the giver. Finding a place to build . It’s all happening out the at the moment.  Try and soak up a little of the wonders of Spring every day. At our time of life, we have the time.

Next Friday is the first of April, popularly called Fools day not so much nowadays but when we were young it was a day to be dreaded and many a tear was shed when you got caught out in some childish prank. Someone to say your lace if ripped and you look without thinking and you fall into the trap of being called a fool. It went on and on all day, each trying to outsmart the other. But then if you try to get one more done at the last minute or a minute beyond, then you get a rapid retort to say, “Fools Day is gone and you’re the fool to keep it on”.

And now to something important and profound, which is our religion. The only thing that really matters in the end.  Pope Francis has invited everybody to have a say in the 2023 Synod in Rome when church leaders from around the World will be reflecting on how the Church can listen better to the voices of it’s people and respond to the challenges of today. The parishes of our Pastoral area are, Millstreet, Rathmore, Boherbue and Ballydesmond. Meetings of representatives of those areas will be held on Monday April 4th at Teach Iosagain in Rathmore and on April 7th at the Parish Centre in Millstreet.

Both starting at 7.30.  Everyone is welcome to attend whether they are distanced from the Church or active members. It is about listening better at local level. And in considering all the doubts and fears and beliefs and disbeliefs surrounding our Religion today these meeting will allow everybody to express their own views. Please support it well.

Eucharistic Adoration in our Church today and every Tuesday from 10.30 to 7.30.pm Please spend some time in God’s company.

Confessions in Millstreet Church every Saturday from 12.30 to 1.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were,2,11,13,25 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Kevin and Liam ,c/o PJ Creedon, the sealer was PJ and he got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Mary McCarthy, Carriganima, James O’Mahony c/o PJ Creedon. Brien, Kevin and DJ c/o the Mal Paso. Martina Sheehan c/o OLearys Butchures. Derry Sherlock c/o Bridge Bar, Eoin O’Sullivan, Ballydaly, Louise Cooper Liscahane, Marie, Angela Kelleher, West End and Cian O’Connor c/o Mary O’Connor. Next Draw April 3rd Jackpot €20,000.

Well done to Margaret Bourke and Noel  Buckley  who represented the Community  in an interview on the Clare Byrne Show  on RTE1 when they were asked about the possibility of Millstreet taking in some people from Ukraine. Millstreet is no stranger to refugees. Fortunately Noel C Duggan had the venue and our Community never failed to help. And there is no reason to think that the same can’t happen again. Aside of that we cannot but be saddened by the fact that the service is needed again, and in troubled Ukraine there are thousands of people  like you and me, of all ages being driven from their homes.

45Drives continue every Tuesday in Millstreet, Wednesday In Cullen and Sunday in Ballydaly, all with an 8.30 start. Yoga resumes at the Canon O’Donovan Centre on Friday at 1.30.  Four Day Coach Tour to Donegal planned for June 13th give your name to Mary Sheahan if you’d like to go.

Our very best Wishes go to our much loved Sean Radley, and we wish him continued recovery ,and say we miss him every day.

Have a good week, Slán agus beannacht



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