St Patrick’s Day Parade 2022

After two years of absence due to Covid19 the Millstreet St Patrick’s Parade returned bigger and better than ever.  The Town wash awash in green and gold with a festive atmosphere about.  Grand marshal for 2022 was Joanne O’Riordan whom returned to her native Milllstreet to bestow us with the honour.  Our Pipe Band started the proceedings showcasing their new uniforms.  The rain showers of earlier dried and everyone enjoyed a mild dry afternoon.  Thank you to Geraldine Dennehy for stepping into the shoes of Seán Radley and I am sure did him proud.  Seán is recovering well from his recent surgery and is looking forward to contributing to in the near future.

5 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Parade 2022”

  1. Geraldine what an absolutely magnificent selection of brilliant images you so very kindly share of the Millstreet Parade… Heartfelt congratulations Geraldine on providing such a very wonderful insight into St Patrick’s Day 2022 Parade in Millstreet. People worldwide truly feel as if we were actually present at the superbly colourful event. God bless your great gift as a Photographer Supreme. And sincere thanks also to Hannelie for splendidly uploading the many, many marvellous images. We next look forward to Geraldine’s remarkably brilliant coverage of today’s Carriganima Parade. ☘️

  2. Thank you so much Geraldine for these precious moments which I can see here on the website from Calgary. I was hoping to see my family from Kilcorney, the crowd was huge after two years break . Take care everybody, Andrea Todt

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