“Lunchtime Favourites” on Sunday 12.30 to 2.00pm on Cork Music Station

The final live programme of “Lunchtime Favourites” will be broadcast on Sunday, 20th Feb. 2022 from 12.30 to 2.00pm on Cork Music Station.  God willing, the programme will again return following a break of quite a number of weeks.   We shall, however, transmit during those many weeks, an hour long pre-recorded selection of songs and music in our usual Sunday time slot at 12.30pm.   Sincere thanks to our many Loyal Listeners for your uplifting encouragement since the Sunday programme began during COVID-19.  My present health journey requires this break but faith, hope and love will, with God’s help, assist to bear fruit and make a return to our Radio Get togethers a reality once again.   (S.R.)

Millstreet experienced some light Snow on Friday, 18th Feb. 2022 following Storm Eunice.

Among the Visitors to Millstreet in 1999 was renowned Singer and Musician the wonderful “Pecker” Dunne.
When Millstreet had Cardphone Telephone Kiosks in the 1990s!
Purple Heather in bloom near Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall.
John Lehane’s magnificent Vintage Car being transported in 2002 at Main Street, Millstreet.

White Heather near Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall.
Light snow in Millstreet on Friday, 18th Feb. 2022.

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