Tree Top Danno is crowned champion greyhound

“In a most impressive winning performance, Tree Top Danno is crowned champion greyhound in The Kevin Smyth Champion Stakes at the National Coursing Meeting 2022 in Clonmel today.
With massive early pace and superb front running wins, Danno was in control throughout the competition.
Massive congratulations goes to breeder, Mr. Dan O Donoghue, Millstreet, his second such achievement in just four years.”

1 thought on “Tree Top Danno is crowned champion greyhound”

  1. Lovely to see you Dan with your pride and joy Tree Top Danno, and such a beaming smile on your face and well deserved. Congratulations from all in Laught; where it all began in the year !!!!!!!!!. Great memories and long may they last. Must travel to one of these championships with Chris and yourself now as I have time on my hands and would love to share in the excitement.Well done again Dan; we are all proud of you out here.

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