“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday on CMS from 9.30 to 11.30pm

“Radio Treasures” Weekly Show is on air tonight (Tues., 25th Jan. 2022) on Cork Music Station from 9.30 to 11.30 (Irish Time).

International Music Festival at Green Glens, Millstreet in 1997.

There are a number of ways by which one can access Cork Music Station1. Through ALEXA by just saying “Play Cork Music RADIO Station” (It’s important to include the term RADIO when asking).   2.  By downloading the free App entitled “Radio Garden” – then select Cork, Ireland which reveals Cork’s 14 Radio Stations on this App. … and then select Cork Music Station.   3.  Just click on this highlighted name: Cork Music Station and this takes you directly to Cork Music Station.   4.  Just Google Cork Music Station and this will also find the Radio Station.   These are just four of the means by which one can access our Radio Station.  As well as the many live Shows nightly it’s songs and music all the way (especially Country & Western and Irish) 24/7.   Feel very welcome to join our Radio Family of the ever increasing number of Loyal Listeners.

Our “Christmas Swan” gets ready to leave (with help!) for another year.


This week we feature a wide variety of wonderful music, superb songs, lots of requests and comments from our worldwide audience.  We share stories, quotes, humour, poems, interesting facts and we explore a Quiz or two!   And we chat about our Pictorial Features.    At 9.45pm we listen to a special feature celebrating the 100th Birthday of the wonderful Gobnait Twomey.  At 10.00pm we introduce one of Éamon Kelly‘s very entertaining stories.   At 11.10pm we broadcast Barry O’Halloran‘s splendid new song “Fly Like a Butterfly”.  

Feel very welcome to make contact before, during or after our “Radio Treasures” Show.  Just contact the Show on corkmusicstation@ gmail.com or on Text/WhatsApp 086 825 0074 or check out the Seán Radley Facebook.   Happy listening!   Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Ensuring safety at Millstreet Railway Crossing – Necessary Maintenance Work being carried out recently.
Equestrian Champion, Harvey Smith being interviewed at Green Glens, Millstreet in 1990.
“D’Unbelievables” – Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny – with Noel C. Duggan at Green Glens, Millstreet in 1999.

Gobnait Twomey on her 100th Birthday on 20th Jan. 2022 with her daughter, Joan. Tonight at 9.45pm we shall broadcast a special feature on “Radio Treasures” celebrating this wonderful Birthday Occasion.

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