Eily’s Report – 30th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

I’m trying to gather my wits about me at the end of a long day. An eventful day but one with a safe and happy ending. In advance of a Hospital procedure, later this week at CUH I was told to present myself at the Orthopaedic Hospital in Cork today (Monday) for a Covid test. In my innocence I gave myself only an hour and a half to get there not counting on all the road works that are going on between here and there. In normal times it’s a one hour journey. But I was playing safe as I hadn’t driven there in a long time. My first stop was at the bypass works, coupled with a building site this side of Macroom. Following a few minutes delay I motored on happy out that it took so little time. Through Macroom was the usual crawl but I was still OK for time and headed off out of town but alas very soon it was plain that we were going nowhere fast. From the edge of the town my skyline was blurred by the sight of huge lorries that never seemed to move. I daren’t look at the time. But on reaching the turning  for Coachford  I made a fast decision to take it even though it threw my mental plan for the hospital out of focus. Luckily there was scarcely a car on the road so I motored on. Right all the way as far as the North Gate Bridge in the city where I would veer left for Shandon Street but somehow things were not as plain on the road as they were in my head but surprise, surprise after many diversions I arrived at my destination twenty minutes late. At Block 7 there was a row of cars, about twelve cars in line all heading for the arch, where you would drive in for the test. A lady came out asked for my details, I could see they were all written on the little phial which she had in her hand and when all my answers compared to the ones in her hand we were in business. She couldn’t be nicer and more pleasant, which made the poking at my throat and nostril seem completely painless. Driving out the gate I felt elated, I did it. I then  made my way across the city where Geraldine and Mick had the kettle boiled for a welcome cup of tea and lunch. Anyone of my family would have driven me, but I’m reluctant to part with any ability that I have, believing that If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Needless to say, prayer plays a big part.

From my experience, my advice to anybody venturing out the Macroom way, go in good time. Work on the bypass and road surfacing is going on now as far out as Coolcower. There are no signs to say prepare to stop, which is a great hazard at the bends and as the roads are so muddy have your windscreen washer full and then you may be able to enjoy the trip as I did.

Tomorrow is the first of December, I’m inclined to ask myself and what happened to November, did I do any earthmoving thing that will stand out in the story of my life. Can’t think of one thing. That is something that I feel or am aware of, is that if I go out to some event enjoy a coffee with our group and so on that when I come home it’s almost as if it never happened. Long ago following some event be it sad or happy one, it was lived all over again when you came home and for days afterwards and we’d laugh all over again at the thought of the good bits or mourn the sad ones.  It was like a prolonging of the experience. Every detail would be teased out, who you met with, what people wore, how they looked, had they any news of family or work  was there somebody sick or did somebody recover from that cold they had the last time I met them. It would go on and on for ages after. Cameras and photographs were few and far between, so this was the way that people built up their own mental picture of what went on is their lives and passed them on to the younger generation.  That was then and this is now  as we learn to go with the times and with some effort it will all fall into place for us and life can still be good.

Our Masses last Sunday marked the beginning of Advent. Advent, even though we don’t have any fasting is still a time for us to prepare for Christmas. The First of the Pascal Candles was lit on the stand before the alter and a further one will be likewise lit every Sunday until Christmas.  I read somewhere, that some people make their own Advent Alter at home, and light a Candle each week as it is done in Church. It’s a time when we are asked to pray a little more and carry out works of charity ,in the run up to the Birth Of Christ. Our St Vincent de Paul group will hold their annual Church gate collect on the weekend of December 11/12. Please support them well .Our dedicated group work hard every year they know those who are in need of our help and they look after  them on our behalf. For which we are sincerely grateful.

Many of our rural communities are clubbing together in aid of Penny Dinners and other needy organisations. Look them up on our website and give all you can. In many cases they are asking for dried foods and have collection points,  where items can be handed in.   All the Details are on Millstreet.ie.

I’m delighted to say that the little four month old sheepdog puppy that was missing from Curracahil has returned home to it’s grateful owner but alas there is a lovely black cat missing from across the valley in Gneeves, contact 087 289 0236 if you can help.

Many congratulations to Reen’s our esteemed pharmacists on celebrating 82 years business in the town. We wish them and their dedicated staff, God’s Blessing and  every success in the future.

Congratulations also to IRD Duhallow ,their furniture revamp, received the national award for the community recycling initiative of the year at the Awards held recently in Dublin. And in their monthly leaflet they invite everybody to come and view their great work.

Please buy local this year. Our shops are full of lovely gift ideas, The CD expertly compiled by Paddy Murphy is a ideal gift and all proceeds go to our National School’s fund. The 2022 Calendar which is produced by our Community Council is another must and again for a very good cause. Proceeds go to Air Ambulance. Instead of another nightie, or slippers why not give the older members a few bags of coal. A voucher for oil, or clean the house, do something that needs to be done in the garden or any other practical thing which could be more appreciated.

The couple of very frosty nights put me thinking that perhaps I should bring on the bird peanuts. I’m sure they freeze hard like everything else and wouldn’t make a nice snack for our feathered friends first thing in the morning. The problem didn’t last long,  soon the temperatures went up again. My Iphone went dead for a whole day during the week and some of my friends had the same experience. It’s like a disaster when the phone stops or even if you forget it when you go out. All sorts of disturbing thoughts would enter your head surely someone needs to get through to you, only to find when you return that your concern was all in vain.

Looks like our Coursing will go ahead this time. The notice on the web says that the Town Park will be closed from December 6th to New Years Day. In the past the coursing was a big event in the town. I can remember when it was held down at the Tanyard Meadow. My Dad kept greyhounds and it was my job to take them for long walks and rub their muscles to make them strong. But sadly when we’d have one in prime condition ready for the fray, he’d break a nail or pull a ligament and spend coursing day lying in his kennel. Dogs.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night, Numbers drawn were 2,18,30,31 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Margaret Tia Kiely, Killarney rd. The seller was Colemans and they got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Eileen Murphy, Shanaknuck.  €20 each Sharon and Denis Lane, Drishane Rd, Mary Rose Kelleher & Mike K, c/o The Bridge Bar, Norma Doody C/O Tony Butchers, Derry Healy, C/O the Clara Inn, Mary O’Mahony c/o J O’Mahony, The Murphy Family, C/O Pat Murphy. Pat O’Connor, Coolikerane, & Alex Twomey The Bridge. Jackpot for next week €17,800 the Draw on Sunday night, December5th.

In the few weeks we have before Christmas, do all you can to help those around you. Buy your stamps by the book to save extra trips to the PO, shop local, stop and talk to people, share experiences, the list goes on, in other words, do your bit to make our world a better place.

ps. the result of my Covid test which was taken less the 24 hours ago has just popped into my phone. I passed, buíochas le Dia.

 Slán agus beannacht.

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  1. Well Eily I have read many of your reports, but this one would surely gain a reward in itself. I very rarely reply, this time I could not stop myself. The drive to Cork was humored, educional, fearless, blessed and gave strength and courage to many. May you have many more years of driving.

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