Historic Local Image Sent from London…Now Fully Identified

We thank Julia Lynch of Killarney (formerly of Kippagh, Millstreet) for very kindly sharing this historic photo which was sent to her by Billy Corkery, London.  We would welcome information in relation to what the occasion was and also regarding to the unidentified names.  We share what we already know.  Tap on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

UPDATE:  We are delighted to discover full details regarding this wonderful image and we extend sincere thanks to the person who has made contact with us and has provided the extra information.   The identity of all the gentlemen is now confirmed and the photograph was taken when on an Excursion to Ballybunion in the mid-1960s by Members of the Millstreet Branch of Macra na Feirme.  (S.R.)

Back row – from left:  Seán O’Connor, Vincent McSweeney, Tom Corkery, Frank O’Riordan, Thomas Corkery , Denis Corkery. Front row, from left: Jerry Sheahan, Denny Hickey , Jerry Corkery, Davey Tarrant, Dave McAuliffe.   (We thank Davey Tarrant for helping to identify some of the names…S.R.)

1 thought on “Historic Local Image Sent from London…Now Fully Identified”

  1. Back Row 5th person Thomas Corkery
    Front Row 2nd person Denny Hickey
    4rh person Davey Tarrant ? 5th person

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