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    1. For those that would not have known Sr.Pius Singleton. here is a very little information on her …

      Sr. Pius Singleton was an Infant Jesus Sister from Cullen.
      She was a principal of at least two Convent Schools in Malaysia. She was Reverend Mother St Pius in the Malacca Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, from 1959/1960, and took the Fifth Formers for Morals.
      She left Malaysia in the early 1970’s and lived in London for some time before retiring to Ireland.
      She passed away on Jan 11th 2005.

      if ye have more, it would be great to share it with others here

      1. Sr. Pius was attached to the international student hostel in Portland Rise Manor House, near Finsbury Park. She organised annual pilgrimages to Our Lady of Lourdes, Fatima, Knock and to many other places. These were at affordable prices when there was no low cost airlines or Eurostar. She also organised many day trips within England (Isle of Wight, York etc). An extra ordinary one of the most lovable and honourable characters. May her soul rest in peace.

  1. I was one of the many who went on pilgrimage with Sr Pius to Lourdes and used to visit her at Portland Rise, Manor House in the early 1980s. Wonderful memories.
    Totally dedicated Sr Pius. Rest in peace

  2. I am blessed and privileged to be baptised on 4/7/1976. Sr Pius was my godmother! I was a student in CHIJ, Taiping, Malaysia where Sr Pius was the principal for quite a few years. When I got my ‘call’ to be baptised I contacted Sr Pius straightaway and I have felt so blessed since. Today, on remembering her anniversary, I am praying at St Francis Church in Melbourne, thanking Our Lord for her service and charity to all, and invoking her powerful intercession for all in need of Christ. J, M and J bless us all! Ong Im Cheng

    CHIJ Taiping = Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Taiping.
    Rev. Mother Pius was Principal there from 1965-1972. [wiki]

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