Seeds for sale: Bee-Friendly!!!

Seeds for sale: Bee-Friendly!!! 🐝🐝🐝 Great value! All grown & harvested organically! Alliums 100 seeds, Alyssum Royal Carpet 200 seeds, Salvia 100 Seeds, Lupins 100 seeds, Marigolds 200 seeds, Baby Marigold Tagetes 200 seeds, Lambs Ear 25 seeds, Poppies 200 seeds, Antirrhinum 100 seeds, Potentilla “Miss Willmott” 100 seeds, Cosmos 100 seeds, Aubretia 100 seeds, Snow in Summer 100 seeds, Sweet Williams 100 seeds, White Fox Gloves 200 seeds and 100 Sea Holly. €5 per packet or €50 for the 16 packets & free post! ( I am very generous with the amount of seeds given!)
Ordering is very simple: text or ring me on : 087 9858133
1. Include your name, address and postcode
2. Seed names you require or the 16 packets for €50
3 Tell me your preferred payment option: “PayPal or bank transfer or postal order”
I will get back to you very promptly and organise your order to send for delivery.

To pay for your order by PayPal, my address is <email>, enter the amount of €50 and then click the option to “send to a friend” as this avoids the fees!

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