An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Runners Movement

An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Runners Movement
Sanctuary Runners was established in 2018 to enable Irish residents to run alongside, and in solidarity with, people seeking asylum in Ireland.    You may have seen the movement featured in the national press recently. Over half of those who took part in this year’s virtual Cork City Marathon on 6th June were Sanctuary Runners. The team stretched from Tokyo to Paris and Cork to San Francisco.

We thank John Magee for this very interesting feature. (S.R.)

Efforts are being made to re-establish a Sanctuary Runners group in Millstreet. Niamh Ní Chonchuir who is Sanctuary Runners regional officer covering the Cork and Kerry area explained, We’d love to invite you to join us in setting up a Millstreet Sanctuary Runners’ group. Our aim is to build solidarity through sport bringing together citizens, migrants, asylum seekers & refugees.  If you would like to run, walk or jog with us in Millstreet please get in contact by email to info”

This is the link for the RTE clip about the virtual Cork City Marathon and Sanctuary Runners: 

This is the link to the piece in the Irish Examiner about the Marathon:

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