Historic Images with Kilmeedy, Millstreet Connections….Many Identified in the Photos

It’s truly amazing how very quickly we have received excellent information regarding the four photos below from a very kind person who permits us to share the very interesting information.   Sincere thanks to this person for the much appreciated background information to the four pictures.  The following is the information received:

The family is indeed the Owen and Catherine (Horgan) O’Sullivan family in Kilmeedy.  The men in the back left are Horgans also from Kilmeedy.   Catherine is pictured to their right.  The younger men are O’Sullivan/Sullivan and include Jerh and Tady who stayed home on the farm. The young woman in the center is Margaret O’Sullivan Lucey.  (Photo One).

The Wedding was in San Francisco…..not sure if this was the son or daughter of Paddy. (Photo Two)

The man standing alone was Stephen who was a Sheriff’s deputy in San Francisco and died in the line of duty.  (Photo Three)

The well-heeled American Family are the first generation descendants – but am not sure if they are O’Sullivans or Horgans.  (Both families wound up there because of the gold rush initially) (Photo Four).”

Four historic photographs were recently shared in the hope that somebody may be able to identify those appearing on the images.   It is believed that the first one with the large group was taken in Kilmeedy in the 1930s/1940s and is linked to the Sullivan Family.  The other pictures may have been recorded in America.   If you feel that you have any relevant information in regard to the images please email millstreetmuseum @gmail.com.  This would be very much appreciated.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Possibly photographed in America. The image had this writing (below) at the back of the picture.

Photographed c.1910
Likely to have been photographed in California, USA.


6 thoughts on “Historic Images with Kilmeedy, Millstreet Connections….Many Identified in the Photos”

  1. Hi, I know this is an old post but does anyone know if the older couple in the photo are Eugene (Owen) Sullivan (O´Sullivan) born 1855 died 1940 and also Catherine Sullivan (O´Sullivan) nee Horgan. I am doing my family tree and would love to have more infomation on them

        1. Thanks for your comment Mary,

          I actually think this headstone has been replaced now.

          I would be really keen to talk to whoever ordered the new stone.

          Do you know if the people in the photo are those I quoted above.

          Thank you


  2. Hi again,

    Does anyone have a family tree for this family? I am very interested in Catherine´s parents as this seems to be a gray area in my tree and also the names and DOB of the children as that would tell me if I am on the right path.

    Many thanks


  3. Hi, can I ask if there are any local geneologists in the area, I just have a few grey areas that I need help with. Thanks Sharon

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