Millstreet Day Centre

Millstreet Day Centre’s Board of Directors is seeking to recruit new members with a background or experience in Law, HR, Health, Fundraising, Catering, Care of the Older Persons, Marketing. There are currently 8 Members on the Board & they meet approximately 6 times a year + AGM.

Previous board experience is a plus, but motivation and engagement toward the charity’s best interests is essential.

 Millstreet Day Centre is a place where senior citizens and retired people from Millstreet Town and catchment area can gather to talk, join in activities, meet new people or renew old friendships with acquaintances they may not have met for years.  We also operate Meals on Wheels service from the Centre. We are currently closed due to Covid-19 but are optimistic about reopening later in the year.

 If you are interested in getting involved please email <email> for more information.

Closing date – next Monday, 17th May

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