Ann Lane on Tubridy

Yesterday morning, Ryan Tubridy was joined in studio by Ann Lane (formerly of Ballinatona), author of ‘By The Way: A Selection of Public Art in Ireland’. Ann travelled 16,000 miles around the country on her trusty Honda 75 motorbike to catalogue 760 sculpture pieces along the highways and byeways of Ireland.

She also talks about her time (28 yrs) as personal secretary for Mary Robinson, on how she developed her interest, travelled the country, and many stories about the sculptures. See below to listen to the interview:

The interview is 15 minutes long and click here for the podcast. The independent also had an article on her book last week.

The book was launched November 10th 2010 at the National Library (Kildare Street), and you can get the book from publishers Wordwell Books amongst others.

Email her at <email> for your stories about sculptures.

We had an article on Ann and her upcoming book last August (which suddenly became popular again yesterday after the interview on Tubridy).

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