“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme – 21st March 2021 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.) 

Where The Road Takes Me

Sixteen TV dishes attached to the walls and chimney of our house, eighteen remote controls, a television in every room and we still complain about nothing on Television. 

This week on Where the road takes me, John Greene invites three guests  to talk about the blissful days of the one and two-channel era. 

Former presenter of ‘Nationwide’ Mary Kennedy, Singer-Songwriter Tim O’Riordan and Aidan o’Rourke from Newcestown reminisce on the likes of ‘Green Acres’,  Mr. Ed.,  Kojak,  ‘Get Smart’  Wanderley Wagon’, ‘The Virginian‘, ‘The All Ireland Finals’,  rented televisions that almost filled a room, the famous blue paper and the rabbit’s ears..  (No animal cruelty was involved in the latter.) 

Where the road takes me – this Sunday evening at 7 on C103.

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