Seeking an editor

I drafted a manuscript titled “100 Letters from Ireland” based on letters my grandmother Bella Murphy Barker wrote from 1922-1923 while she, my mother and aunt were visiting my great grandmother Jude Sugrue Murphy in Knocknaloman. I am seeking an editor to review the manuscript before I publish and I will gladly pay for the service.

3 thoughts on “Seeking an editor”

  1. Hi Seán,

    Congratulations on writing your manuscript.

    I am a book editor and business writing trainer. I would be happy to have a chat with you about editing your manuscript.

    You’re welcome to get in touch on the email provided.

    Kind regards,
    Fiona Ashe,
    Flasheforward Communications.

    1. Fiona…Sincere thanks for your reply…We shall put you in touch with the gentleman who seeks the editing of his manuscript. Kindest regards – Seán Radley (Member of the Millstreet Website Team)

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