Regarding hill walkers on Mushera/Maulnahorna  mountain 

To whom it may concern 

Regarding hill walkers on Mushera/Maulnahorna  mountain
We the landowners wish to inform the public due to constant sheep attacks by dogs .
Walkers will no longer be permitted to bring their dogs onto the mountain
in order to keep the hill open for walkers
Please respect this rule

5 thoughts on “Regarding hill walkers on Mushera/Maulnahorna  mountain ”

  1. This is also a problem over in Shrone. There was an article in the Farming Independant about similar issues over on Mount Brandon. It is high time hill walkers and hikers have zero tolerance for sheep worrying and respect the landowners and their livestock.

  2. Interesting……Do you speak for ALL the landholders?
    Are you sure?
    (because I’m fairly that you haven’t consulted me).

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