Eily’s Report – 1st December

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

The first day of the last month of the year and what a year has been.  It’s a good thing that we don’t know what is coming. The veil that shields us from the future was woven by an angel of mercy.  Can any one of us imagine what it would be like if we were told last Spring what was ahead of us in the coming months. Ignorance is bliss surely, because the “not knowing” kept us geared up in the hope that each day or week or month would be the last. So we soldiered on, kept the rules as best we could and prayed for the best.  Now that some vaccines  have  been found we are all the more hopeful that the future will be good as long as we still keep the rules until the coronavirus is stamped out completely  and  we can all relax again. It’s beyond our comprehension what kind of world it will be, but the Good Lord who brought us thus far will be still there to guide us into our new future.

I hope that most of you watched the Late, Late Show on Friday night. Ryan Tubridy excelled himself, his outstanding talents know no bounds, but his love for children is his greatest gift of all. Even bound by the rules of social distancing he was able to  maintain a sense of closeness to each one as they played their part. He makes the children be the stars not himself and the power of little children far outweighs the power of any adult. The little fellow with his own home made symbol of a hug. A little piece of his own art which has gone global already and I’m sure which will adorn many a Christmas jumper or even mask.   How his little dream of reaching to the stars, melted those at the top of the space program. So many dreams came through for so many of the little guests but to top them all, the fundraiser which Ryan sort of threw out without any fuss realised over six million for our hospitals etc. People tuned into the program from all parts of the world which added so much to the enjoyment of it all. Families in Australia etc watched it at the same time as  their loved  at home. The program was recorded by many viewers and will be enjoyed again many times over. The goodness which was derived from The Late, Late Toy Show 2020 was emense and Ryan Tubridy was King.  God Bless Him.

We were very sorry to learn of the passing of the lovely  John A O Sullivan, last week. The gentle John A was loved by everyone and his business as amplifier brought him in touch with countless people and groups over a wide area. I speak for the Community Council to say, he was ever ready of officiate at the many events which were held by the Community Council over the years, especially our St, Patrick’s Day Parade.  He was ever present at Masses at Tubrid Well and on June 24 in Mushera for the Annual Mass on St, John’s Day. I’d have no way of recalling details of all that John A has done for our community over the years. His friendly nature endeared him to everyone.  He will be sadly missed.  We offer our sincere sympathy to his devoted wife Ann and to all his family.  May his gentle soul rest in Peace.

It was a pity that so many people missed the commemoration ceremony which was held at the Mill Lane recently in memory of Captain Paddy McCarthy. Were it not for Covid restrictions the town would be crowded for the historic event. The plaque has been on the wall for many years marking the place where he fell, time causing it to fade from our notice as other interests of life took over but I found the information and pictures given by Seano Murphy and wonderful refresher. All my life I went my way in the town but never realised that the patriot Captain Paddy Murphy actually  passed away at the door of the Murphy family a family that I went to school with giving little thought  that a man died there while fighting to free our country. We hope that by next year the death of Captain Paddy Murphy will be celebrated by an unlimited crowd of people.

The present situation will bring many changes. Some businesses will close down, new ones will start up. At one of his morning Masses last week Fr. Paddy mentioned that he was saying it on behalf of Pat Randals who is about to retire from her hairdressing career and wanted the Mass said for all her deceased customers. What a wonderful gesture. Pat has no idea of how she will be missed.  The wonderful service which she provided, was part and parcel of the lives of those who frequented  her salon. On behalf  our Community I want to thank  Pat for  her many years of service  to our people and wish her many many years of happy retirement. Pat is one of the stalwarts of our Tidy Towns Committee and works tirelessly for the cause and Much appreciated.

Our Christmas Lights Committee are working hard to make our town bright and cheerful for the Festive Season. Many new features have been added to the lighting and shops and places of business are also helping by decorating their windows. Because of the present situation there was no church gate collection this year to cover the cost of the lights, so the committee asked people to give voluntarily ,and they are very pleased with the support they received.

We must support our town by shopping at home for Christmas. The lockdown is lifted today and while we must observe the rules there will be an extra air of freedom to seek what you want. No one should expect to get an expensive gift this year. Gifts should be practical more than expensive. Repair a fence for your elderly relation or find out if they have some other thing that needs doing.  Having said that there are lovely gift ideas in our shops and vouchers in many places which makes Christmas shopping very easy. Go and look and you will be surprised at the selection. Don’t forget to pick up our 2021 calendar as a stocking filler. We have to offer our sympathy to our publicans who are still not allowed to open. It has to be very frustrating for them, but it seems the only way. There is nothing we can do, but we want them to know that we care.

Our Church is allowed to open tomorrow Wednesday morning, but under strict rules and the Parish Office will be open, ring 70043 for details. Cork Music Station will  broadcast our Masses this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10am and Sean will follow each Mass with a lovely musical interlude.  We long for the day when our beloved church will be streamed so  we can feel that we are in our own church again.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were, 11, 14, 25, 29 and the Jackpot was not won €100 went to Anna O’Shea, Coole. The seller was Gerry Lehane and he got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Rita O’Reilly,  Cloghoulabeg. €20 each to The “Lovely Mary”. Jerry O’Reardan, Judy Murphy, Fairfield Rise. Pat McAulliffe, Carriganima, Peg O’Keeffe, Drishane Rd, Noreen Stanley, Kilmeedy, Lucky Charm and Mary A O’Connor, Umeraboy. Jackpot for next week €11,600. The draw on Sunday night.

I joined the Creative Writing Course last week. It will run each Tuesday from 2pm for about two hours, for the next six weeks. It’s my first trying something like this on line and find it very easy to follow.  Great to be part of.  You get to meet other people in a  friendly atmosphere. It’s still not too late to join. Give Marie Twomey a ring at  087 6863887 if you’d like to give it a try. It’s very important that we grasp at every opportunity to brighten our lives as the fight against the virus  and any diversion from the strain has to be availed of.

There are no berries on my holly tree this year but it’s bright green and yellow leaves still add a lot of pleasure to my garden now that most other shrubs have sheds theirs.   Still that little red rose lives on. Still looking as bright as ever, with another bud beside it waiting to take over. That little rose has stood up to all the rain and storm even the frosty nights that have been thrown at it in recent times. Did other people notice how the adverse weather worked for us, by getting rid of some of the little clumps of moss which grow on most roofs these days. They are a welcome sight  strewn on the ground following a frosty night. The birds never fail to brighten the scene as they make a feast of the pea nuts, their beauty and antics are well worth a little of your time.

But they are lucky to be born on the right side of life. Last week I spotted a little mouse outside searching for food. From my window I could admire the beauty of this little animal. It’s furry coat shiny and clean, even though he had emerged from a wet hedge. Every time we see a mouse, our first thought is, how are we going to kill him.  He is just as beautiful as the birds, both made by God but born into this world for some other reason. So there was nothing for it but get the trap and put it in a place where the little bird wouldn’t get caught. Within the hour I had success but felt sorry that he was not one of the little mice which other people keep as pets.

Again I ask everybody to shop at home, but if you have to travel for some reason, now that our limits are extended beware of driving in Cork City .The number of traffic diversions are enormous owing to the amount of road works that are going on. The shops were still shut but having had business in the City on Monday my usual exit was a no go area, which forced me to drive from the South side to the North side had to settle for the Lee Road to get home. I had to turn back many times  but when travelling up the narrow way to Sunday’s Well. I  was taken aback by a Squad car parked right across the road. The friendly Garda came over asked me where I was going and when I said Millstreet, he said well there will be a long delay here as an elderly man has collapsed and they are waiting for an ambulance. There was nothing for it but make a three point turn and by this time the cars were bumper to bumper behind me and  head on down the hill again and back into the mayhem of blocked streets. I needed company so I rang Geraldine and from her safe haven in Turners Cross, she guided me from her mental picture on my dilemma and we were to laugh it all off as I merrily proceeded along the Carrigrohane straight to home. The moral of the story is avoid the city, stay at home and shop at home.

Don’t forget to tune in to Sean tonight at 9.30. Slán agus Beannacht libh go léir, have a good week.


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