“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme – 18th Oct. 2020 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.)

On this week’s edition of ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene heads for the kitchen to meet TV Chef, author and Co-founder of Ballymaloe Cookery school Rory o’Connell.   

Slow roast shoulder of lamb, proper scrambled eggs and the health benefits of bone broth are up for discussion.

We also discover that his frustration hasn’t waned over poor ingredients, and he still finds chaotic and ‘war-zone’ type kitchens offensive.

So, oven-mitts at the ready, on Where the road takes me this Sunday evening at 7 on C103.

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