Millstreet Website Updates 16th Oct. 2020

We share a selection of images recorded today (Fri. 16th Oct. 2020) mainly in Millstreet Town Park where we experienced a double rainbow and the fascinating colours of Autumn 2020.   Before that we have been requested to help to promote a forthcoming praiseworthy event: 

A Coffee Morning/Afternoon is scheduled to take place at Guerin’s Family Shop in Ballydaly on Saturday, 24th Oct. from 10am to 6pm & on Sunday, 25th Oct. 10.30am to 1.00pm… aid of St. Joseph’s Community Hospital, Millstreet.   Tea, Coffee, Latte, Drinking Chocolate and Cappuccino served.  This event will take place only if COVID-19 Restrictions allow.

Today Issue 28 of “Discover Duhallow” appeared in the shops and includes a superb feature written by Daniel Daly who is Manager supreme and Personal Trainer at Millstreet Community Gym.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

A gentle morning cloud revealing Clara Mountain in the beautiful Autumn.
Actor supreme, Stefan Healy who is now attending RADA in London – was one of the main Actors in a recent RTÉ 1 television production.

4 thoughts on “Millstreet Website Updates 16th Oct. 2020”

  1. Not sure the address of “Drominahilla”for the Hotel in that ad is correct. Most of the town,from the Station Road to the stream just short of Dairygold is in Liscahane as far as I can see. Any thoughts?

    1. You are indeed correct Dan that most of the town is in the townland of Liscahane. Below is a link to the OSI maps with the townland boundaries in red:

      Unfortunately however, Google Maps which are used by many people to find their destination, lists the town as being in Drominahilla. Thus it gives the address of the Hotel as:
      “Wallis Arms Hotel, The Square, Drominahilla, Millstreet, County Cork”

      There are many errors in Google Maps locally, and I have contacted Google about fixing the errors, but alas to no avail.

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