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I was wondering if someone might please be able to help me?

My name is Helen Sagan and I live in Australia. I understand it is not your job to do family history research for anyone who might happen to ask, but I am looking for some very specific local history information regarding the Rockite movement of 1822 and I thought you might best be able to assist or direct me.

I am researching my husbands Walsh family tree, on the Kerry side of the Blackwater, in-fact I visited your library back in 2011 and spent many pleasant hours looking through the Casey Collection.

At present I am investigating two brothers Healy, Tadj(Timothy?) and Liam(William?) that were executed on 10th August 1822 (along with 3 others) and have their names inscribed upon a monument erected at Shinnagh Cross, Rathmore. I believe these brothers to be my husband’s  Uncles and would sincerely love more information on them.

Most recently I discovered the Duchas School books (a truly marvellous & enlightening collection!) which introduced me to tales of old local people during the 1930’s, recalling stories their grandparents would have told them, some about the Whiteboy uprising and precisely the 1822 murder of William Brereton and the subsequent events that resulted in and around Rathmore.




The Execution of James Cotter – https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4921763/4904590

Three Brother Named Healy – https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4713237/4710188?pageNum=020

Brerton’s Murder- https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4713234/4709841

Rath Mhor – 1816-1822 – https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/4713234/4709845

Through further research I found a detailed family history documentation of a Timothy Cotter (apparently the leader of this 1822 rebellion).


This article similarly concurred with several of the Duchas School book stories, but little information was offered on the brothers Healy.

Both the Timothy Cotter biography and School book stories have been very interesting leads but I am looking for ANY other documentation (books, newspaper articles, court reports, prison records…. Anything!!!)  regarding this rebellion incident and particularly the lives and executions of the Healy brothers.

For several weeks I have searched in vain on the internet and it seems I am stumped at finding any tangible evidence that include the Healy’s! I realise 1822 was a long time ago but feel that the execution of these men would not have gone undocumented. There must be more recorded proof of such a horrific event!!

Consequently, I have turned to you in hope that someone at the Millstreet Library may be familiar with the topic and could possibly offer some direction as to where I could further my research.

I would be very happy to receive a reply, even if no assistance can be offered.

Thanking you in advance,

From Sunny Sydney,

Kind Regards, Helen



Edit 15th November 2020

This was Published: Thursday 29 August 1822
Newspaper: Caledonian Mercury
County: Midlothian, Scotland.

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  1. Hi
    This message is to Helen Sagan, from another Helen in Sydney, Australia. I am a direct descendant of William Brereton who was murdered, his son Robert Gordon Brereton emigrated to Australia. I have collected a lot of articles and documents about the murder which I am happy to share. This includes an account of the trial and there are details about where the Healy brothers lived etc.

    Kind regards,
    Helen Favelle
    Sydney, Australia

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