“Lunchtime Favourites” After 11.30 a.m. Mass on CMS Sunday 11th Oct. 2020 Until 1.30pm

We invite you to submit your Requests for our weekly Music Request Show “Lunchtime Favourites” (Sunday, 11th Oct. 2020) on Cork Music Station which is broadcast directly after our transmission of the celebration of 11:30 am Mass from 12:10pm until 13:30.   Just email your requests anytime either to corkmusicstation @gmail.com OR to millstreetmuseum @gmail.com or text/WhatsApp to 086 825 0074

Millstreet Church Virtual Choir will continue this Sunday singing the entrance and recessional hymns while Deirdre Tracey will play two organ tunes during the celebration of Mass.   We thank Edel, Barry and the Members of Millstreet Choir for making this virtual recording available for transmission.

St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet from where we broadcast Sunday Mass live at 11.30am.   This photo was taken on a recent  Friday night with the moon behind the Church.

We chat about about Blessed Carlo Acutis who was beatified in Assisi, Italy on Saturday….and we hear about the power of one “Hail Mary”.

A new dimension to our weekly “Lunchtime Favourites” Show is being introduced this Sunday.   It all emerges from a suggestion we received from Millstreet Active Retirement Association:  It is very creatively suggested that we introduce the new idea in the following manner:  “A very special welcome today to all our Friends in Millstreet Active Retirement Association who because of the present Covid restrictions in place cannot resume the weekly dancing and yoga in the chair classes we all enjoyed so much.
So, my dear friends, like Din Joe in The Good Old Days, I invite you all to Take The Floor and dance, march and exercise to your heart’s content over the next hour of our weekly “Lunchtime Favourites”.
Let’s start the ball rolling with a selection of lively marches. Here we go….”  And I can promise you a wide variety of wonderfully rhythmic tunes – where one will wish to dance, waltz and relax.

The Millstreet Studio of Cork Music Station from where we broadcast our weekly Sunday Mass and “Lunchtime Favourites” Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
Some 40 years ago the possibility of having a public Swimming Pool in Millstreet was seriously explored. This was the dedicated Committee formed to attempt bringing it to reality. One slight error in the caption…Mrs. Nellie O’Keeffe is on the right of Canon Browne. P.P.. Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

It is often said that every cloud has a silver lining! And this was thus in Millstreet during the week.
West End, Millstreet traffic on Friday evening just after 4pm.

Paul O’ Connor‘s stunning image of the Cross on Clara.
John Tarrant‘s special mention in the “Corkman”of our Sunday Show .

3 thoughts on ““Lunchtime Favourites” After 11.30 a.m. Mass on CMS Sunday 11th Oct. 2020 Until 1.30pm”

    1. So very true, Niall. I can recall how disappointed the Committee and the general public were at that time when the Project could not become a reality despite the Trojan efforts of the very dedicated Committee.

      1. Remember doing a house to house collection with Joe Buckley for the swimming pool to a very mixed reaction ‘Twas as good as a year in University I have to smile at reading the article after all the years

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