Millstreet Pictorial Updates – 9th October 2020

We share a selection of images reflecting recent updates in the Millstreet area.   Yesterday we featured a package delivered to Millstreet Museum.   Before we could reveal its content we had to make the local Gardaí aware of its content and to seek permission to share images of the historic item.   We can now reveal what we received from a very kind anonymous Donor who sent the following note:

Reflections from Millstreet’s Harry Clarke window. Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
This Saturday is indeed a special date with its four zeros, two ones and two twos!  We thank Phil Sheehan for alerting us to this very special phenomenon. 

The package arrived at Millstreet Museum on this Thursday (8th Oct. 2020). We shall later reveal its very interesting content. We thank the very kind anonymous Donor for this superbly packaged historic item and for going to the expense of posting the heavy package.


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